March 3, 2024

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Top 5 crucial tips for exchange students moving to Germany!

Are you an exchange student who wants to go to Germany and pursue your studies there? If your answer was yes, then there are some crucial things you will have to consider when moving there. If you have ever actually traveled to any other foreign country before, you would know how important it can be to know about its different aspects. If you don’t consider them all, you can get into serious trouble. Those aspects might include buying the right things, best services, accommodation, accounts, and other such things.

But before you buy anything from any service, you should check reviews about the particular company. As you are moving to a whole new country, you would definitely not know which company is reliable and which brand you can trust. That is where you can use Erfahrungenscout, which is one of the leading German review platforms where users can read reviews about different services. The site is solely based on the German market, and that is why you will be able to check reviews of almost anything operating in Germany.

Five tips to consider for the exchange students moving to Germany!

Well, here are the five tips that you should consider as an exchange student while moving to Germany!

  1. Find accommodation and buy essential things

Germany is considered as one of the few countries that students choose to study in. That is why you will have to book a room for yourself beforehand, even before reaching Germany, if you want to avoid some massive hassles. This is because most of the rooms in different dorms are usually booked by the other students even before the session starts, and nothing remains for the upcoming students. 

After booking the room, you should also shop for some essential furniture for your room that could help you study and leave peacefully. The essential furniture might include a bed, a study table, lamps, and other such things. You can check out Wayfair as it is a brand in Germany that has quite a wide variety of furniture available in their store. You can explore the whole shop and see what you should buy.

  1. Get registered

As soon as you enter Germany as a student, you have to get yourself registered by offering your personal and residential details to the local city authorities. It will also help you to get a job in the future as you will be considered as a legal resident of Germany.

  1. Learn German

It is one of the most helpful tips that all students should consider who are planning to move to Germany. I would suggest you learn German till at least A1 so that you can connect with other German with ease. If you have time, you can proceed further and learn it till B2 or C1 to have a proper grip.

  1. Keep two sets of Educational documents

It is always a great idea to keep two sets of educational documents to avoid unfortunate scenarios. But do note that you will have to get the copies of your documents notarized or stamped in order for them to work.

  1. Manage your expenses

Do remember that you are going to Germany as a student and because of the inexperience in handling the actual life, you might get in trouble with your expenses. In other words, you should really keep track of everything you are buying so that you can know where you should spend less or more. It will also help you to stay within your budget till the end of the month.


So these are the actual five tips that you can keep in mind to make your journey relatively easier when moving to Germany. Most of them are really simple and convenient to implement, so do not panic and manage everything accordingly.