September 30, 2023

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Top 5 things that indicate a bad home cleaning service!

7 Warning Signs of a Bad House Cleaning Service - Simply Maid

If you are precisely planning to opt for a home cleaning service or if you have already opted for one, you would have to look out for a few crucial things. Those things will indicate that you have made the right decision or if you are going with the right service provider that would offer a professional job. The reason why it is important to check is that no one would want to compromise on their cleaning and hygiene. If there is no proper hygiene, you can be exposed to bacteria and viruses that can be deadly at one point. So it is better not to take any risks and have proper assurance when it comes to the home cleaning services

What are the factors that indicate a bad home cleaning service?

Do remember that the factors mentioned below would not necessarily be accurate for all the scenarios. That is why it is a good idea to do proper research and check other things too before considering any service actually bad.

Reach and presence

If a service is good and professional, it would definitely have reach and presence online or even offline. But if you are precisely going to opt for a home cleaning service or have already opted for one that does not have any kid or presence online, then it might indicate that it is a bad choice to go with. You can also consider finding platforms where you can check online business reviews and see if the cleaning service is available there. You will surely be able to clear your doubts in the end.

The pricing!

Is there anyone that does not want to save money? Probably not! But have you ever heard of scenarios where the price is too good to be true? Well, the same case can also be implemented when it comes to home cleaning services. If you think that a home cleaning service is providing the job at a drastically low price, you will have to start worrying about their service. It is a better idea to check other companies’ prices too to see how much of a difference there is and if it is too big or not.

No license!

As we are talking about hygiene and health here, having a license for a service related to both of these things is very necessary. If a home cleaning service you have opted for does not have a license, then they are either hiding their ways of cleaning, or they do not want to pay taxes to the government. 

No tools and equipment

If the cleaners do not have the right equipment and the products needed to clean a house, then it is a big indication of non-professionalism. If the right products are not available, your house will not be cleaned properly, and you will end up wasting your money.


Now go through the points mentioned above again and see if the home cleaning service you have opted for or considering getting has any of these issues. If they have, you might want to find another service to make your experience better.