Turning your living room into a cinema room

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Movies are a great way of entertainment. They educate us, take us to virtual reality,  help in many great revolutions worldwide. Movies have also offered a platform for people to express themselves and address the ills society has exercised for a long time. Theaters are a good place to watch movies while supporting employment when you pay tickets; it is a way to bond and connect with family and friends or a date idea for lovers to avoid awkwardness. However, you may not like moving at night or from your house but still want to enjoy a good movie with a theater experience at the comfort of your home. To sample feedback fromcustomers want equipment for a home theater experience, visit ReviewsBird, and for home theater shopping, go to the home theatre power manager. Below are some ways to make that happen;
1. Screen
Invest in a good screen that is big to make the experience extraordinary. Big screens will enable you to see the movies comfortably and add excitement. If you do not have a big screen, you can use a projector screen as an alternative. It is a suitable option because you can adjust it to fit your comfort and the size you would like at different times. Go for a large wall if you want to go the projector way. You can also invest in drop-down video projectors that can be tucked away once you are done watching your film. They help adjust your views and save on space, especially when placed on the ceiling.
2. Speakers
Remember, the sound is as good as the images. You want the noise present because it adds to the effects of the images portrayed on the screen. If you don’t want cables running all over the floor, use wireless options. However, it is an expensive option, but it saves from accidents, pulling up the carpet and drawers to fit in the cables for safety. Also, integrating speakers in the ceiling will help free up space. 
3. Lighting
Dim lights, LED lights, soffits, recessed lights, and rope lights make the theater experience worthwhile. Dim lights prevent you from distraction and immerse you fully in the movie you are watching. Soffits run around the room’s perimeter near the ceiling and are laid with rope lights. Recessed lights may be added to the ceiling to give an excellent theater appeal. Light, however, projects images from the screen of a poor quality making it less pleasurable. It means that these lights should be placed at the back of the viewer.
4. Seating setup
Match the seating with a cinema-quality arrangement. It means arranging the living room so that one can view the film from any seat. Consider arranging all couches facing the front direction to avoid bad sitting angles and by transitioning the furniture to a film-watching mode position than the living room position. Using a soft rug adds up as another option for seating. Pillows are also a great way of seating so put pillows on the floor. You can add the fun by going the soundproof way at a cost to avoid any noise or sounds from being heard next door.
5. Refreshments
Having a low coffee table displaying books is perfect for putting your popcorn during watching. On the side of the room can have a table for a buffet for guests or a small end table to place drinks that will ensure that they don’t get knocked over. To add fun, a soft drink machine or a bar cart will add great taste to the room, giving a perfect theater experience.
6. Painting
Go for dark colors. Navy blue, burgundy, gray are among some that you should consider. Light colors bring reflection that we are trying to avoid at all costs to make the room comfortable and give an ultimate experience.
7. Keep it simple
Avoid loading up the living room, especially the front, with trinkets, artifacts, or pieces of art that you may have accumulated over time. You distract people that way, so keep them at the back. That theater room aims to give an experience and keep the viewers at home entertained.
8. Avoid reflectors
Minimize or avoid any object that reflects backlight, shiny doorknobs, inserts on the fireplace are a no. Light reflections make the viewing less eventful because of the poor video projection quality. You can reduce the shininess by spraying those surfaces with a dark matte.
In conclusion, to achieve a tremendous homemade theater does not have to cost you a lot of money. Look for great DIYs to have a look that you would envision for that experience.


Malika Lugar

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