September 22, 2023

Dragon Esdelsur

Home Sweet Home

Ways to Make Your Home More Cozy This Winter

Are you feeling the chill? It might be time to restyle your home for winter!

Making a few seasonal changes throughout the home can help you feel warmer, cozier and ready to bring on the cold days. And it doesn’t have to be hard or expensive.

Here are 7 easy and effective ways to make your home more cozy this winter.

Treat your feet with floor rugs

Nobody likes to have cold feet. What we do with our floors can make a huge difference to the way a room looks as well as the way it feels for our feet.

Floor rugs can be used on any type of floor, including carpet. Adding extra layers helps keep the warmth in and can break up an otherwise monotonous space.

If you’ve got a lot of hard, straight lines in your home, try a round rug to break it up and add some softness. This can help bring a cozy feel immediately. Similarly, if you have a lot of white in your room or cold colours, you can bring some warmer tones with a floor rug.

Layer up your couch with cushions

Cushions are a couch’s best friend. Layer them up for a soft, cozy feel. The texture and softness that cushions bring will help your room feel warm and inviting.

For inspiration, check out the range of cushions by Pony rider homewares. These cushions are made from lovely textural fabrics and incorporate interesting designs that are simple yet classy.

When styling with cushions, try to have a range of colours, textures and shapes. The contrast between the different cushions will help create a point of interest in the room. Don’t forget to throw a few cushions on your bed too.

Try a throw rug or two

Throw rugs are a practical must during winter. Whenever you start to feel a chill, you should have a throw rug within arms reach to put around your legs or shoulders. But throw rugs can also be smart decor items too.

Just as a floor rug will soften up a room, throw rugs can soften up harsh corners on furniture and create a warm and inviting space.

Whether you want to go bold and chunky or delicate and understated, there are throw rugs to suit every style. Hang them over the backs of arm chairs, drape them on your bed or fold them up into an easy-access basket.

Utilise the power of texture

When you want to make a room feel less cold, sterile and sharp, texture is everything. You can add texture with throw rugs, floor rugs and cushions as mentioned above, but there are plenty of other ways to introduce texture too.

For example, think about how you decorate your shelves. If it’s looking a bit monotonous, add in some textural items that speak to you.

That could be dried foliage you foraged, an interesting sculpture, a vintage camera or a beautiful silk scarf. Basically, any objects that make you want to pick them up and touch them are a win.

Warm things up with lighting

Did you know that your lights might be giving off a cool vibe? Cool tone lights have more of a white or blue tinge to them. Warm lights will look more orange. To make your home feel more cozy, replace your cool light globes with warm ones.

You can also opt for mood lighting rather than powerful, bright lights. Lamps, candles and fairy lights are all good ways to introduce cozier lighting.

You can enhance the coziness of lighting by choosing the right light shade too. Light pendants made from rattan are trending right now. The natural warm tones of the wood are a great way to help amplify the cozy vibe of a warm light globe.

Create coziness with a candle

As mentioned above, candles are a great lighting choice if you want to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. They also give off a little bit of heat too which can add to the cozy vibe. Candles also offer a third advantage: making your home smell wonderful.

Scented candles can help you create the right mood inside through wafting a delicious smell through the air. Believe it or not, smell plays a huge role in making us feel comfortable and at home.

The Commonfolk Collective creates some great flavours for a cozy home. To get started, try “Family”, “With Love” and “You’re Some Kind of Wonderful”. You’ll be delighted with smells such as coconut, almond, vanilla bean and caramel.

Set the tone with wall art

Big blank walls can feel cold, so it’s a good idea to use some wall art to soften things up. Be careful about the wall art that you choose, as some colours and styles will make the home look colder while others will increase the warmth.

To maximise the coziness, look for artwork with warm colours like orange, brown and warm reds. Try a gallery wall of several smaller pieces of art to add even more texture to the wall.

Keep in mind that you don’t just have to hang prints, paintings and canvas art. You can also decorate your walls with macrame hangings, textile based artwork and shelves stocked with indoor plants.

Stay Cozy this Winter!

Whether you decide to add a floor rug to your living room, light a candle in the evenings or completely redecorate your home with designer homewares, we hope you stay warm and cozy this winter!