December 5, 2023

Dragon Esdelsur

Home Sweet Home

What’s the best way to get consistent hot water in your home – Gas or Electric?

A consistent flow of hot water is a given in most WA households these days. 

Until it isn’t. 

Whether it goes with a bang in the middle of a morning shower, or it slowly fizzles out over a long and painful week, there’s never a good time for your hot water system to cark it. 

Sh** happens. It’s time to move on and find a new one. 

Some signs you need a new one anyway 

Even if your Perth hot water system is still running fine, there are some warning signs you should be aware of. Look out for the following:

  • Leaking water from your hot water system
  • Hot water runs out often or is slow to kick in 
  • Low or fluctuating water pressure 
  • Pilot light on gas systems keeps going out

Searching for a new hot water system? Start here.

Start by deciding whether you want a like-for-like replacement, or whether you want an upgrade. Chances are the reason your current system isn’t working is that it’s not the right fit for your household. 

Here are two things to consider before you start diving into different types and brands:

  1. If you’re upgrading to a gas system for example – check that your property is connected up to natural gas, if your property isn’t connected you’ll want to weigh up the costs of this extra installation. Bear in mind that natural gas connections are usually more energy-efficient over the long term. 
  2. Consider the size and hot water usage of your household – matching your hot water system in Perth to your family’s needs is an important step in finding a system that works.

Pick a system that works for you

When it comes to laying down the bucks on your next hot water system, we Perthites have several different options to choose from:

Electric hot water systems 

If you’re living somewhere with zero gas connection an electric hot water system is probably the direction you want to lean in. There are three main types you could consider:

1. Storage tank systems 

These are very common around WA and chances are you have one of these in your home. As the name suggests, a tank storage hot water system heats up water and stores it in a tank for use throughout the day. Their popularity has taken a hit recently due to a large amount of energy required to heat the water. 

2. Instant or continuous flow hot water systems 

Instant systems heat your water on demand. They’re more economical than storage tanks, as they only provide you hot water when you need it. Larger households should consider installing larger capacity systems to service more hot water outlets. 

3. Heat pump hot water system 

Heat pump hot water systems are highly efficient as they use the heat from the outside air and boy, does Perth have its fair share of that. A heat pump system can be a highly effective solution for your hot water needs, however, you might find installation costs are higher than other hot water systems. 

Gas hot water systems 

You also might want to consider upgrading to a gas hot water system, Perth inner-city properties are usually completely geared up for this, but you may want to check your connection before jumping in. These are usually far more economical than their electric counterparts and available in both storage tank and continuous styles. If your home is already connected up to natural gas you’ll find installation costs are similar to that of electric hot water systems. 

I want cheap hot water. Which hot water system is best?

While electric hot water systems are often cheaper to install, annual running costs are normally higher than that of gas hot water systems. If you’re chasing those long-term savings, this may be the way to go. If you’re concerned about saving money and minimising your impact on the environment – check the energy-efficient rating and pick the one with the most stars (yep, it’s that simple).  

Which brand should I choose? 

So you’ve settled on the type of hot water system. Now you’re wondering what brand you should invest in. 

Good question. 

There are many to choose from, and hot water systems in Perth present an array of different and equally effective household names like Rheem, Rinnai and Bosch. One of the best ways to decide on this is by contacting your local plumber who is going to install it and see what they suggest – the bet is on they’ve had a fair bit of experience in matching the right system to a household your size. 

Quit mucking around. Call your local plumber 

Upgrading your hot water system in Perth is made easy by the number of highly experienced plumbers who are ready to assist you in the installation and maintenance. If you’re still on the fence, it’s high time you gave the experts a buzz.