April 20, 2024

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Why Big Windows Are a New Housing Trend

It was once the case that big windows were the stuff of nightmares. Think sky-high energy bills and freezing draughts, leaving you wearing socks and sweaters on all but a few days each year. Modern technology has altered this vastly, however, and today one of the hottest trends in home renovation and construction is the addition of large windows with thin frames to bring the outdoors inside.

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By the Seaside

Transitional outdoor and indoor spaces are proving hugely popular in coastal areas, with many consumers now wanting huge automated windows which can open up completely, giving access to decked areas and outside spaces. Building technology has advanced substantially to make this possible, and there are now exterior walls which can adequately support windows consisting of moving panels which are over 12 feet tall.

The smart home trend is also not being overlooked by window designers, with such factors as lock status sensors on the cards to allow homeowners to monitor their home security. Find out more about smart technology being used in homes at https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p015knq2.

See Past the Frames

Frames are blending seamlessly into walls, whilst whole ‘walls’ of glass are letting in natural light without having to compromise when it comes to keeping out noise and cold. Whether you are looking for Dublin windows and doors or options in London or Manchester, you will also notice that dark frames are also bang on trend, replacing traditional white in a bid to let you see easily past frames to view the important thing – what’s outside!

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As you browse the options on offer from the likes of http://www.keanewindows.ie/, you may choose to also consider how dark frames can add to a streamlined, minimalist aesthetic and the way in which they don’t show wood variations in the same way that lighter variants display wood grains. This can be the ideal choice if you are going for a super-modern look with floor-to-ceiling automated window systems where there are several glass panels gliding open, creating a real lack of distinction between doors and windows.

Another influential advance is the glass being used in windows. Impact-resistant and laminated glass is no longer confined to properties needing high levels of environmental resistance. Instead, wall-to-wall windows are being created from these strong substances to give protection and confidence to people both inside and out.