September 30, 2023

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Why Peaches Artist Keeps The Original Clothing Tags

Many regard EXO Kai as the “King of Fashion” in the world of K-pop. This comes as he has repeatedly proven time and again that he is among the most stylish and fashionable celebrities inside and outside South Korea.

Over the years, he has also received other nicknames or titles that have links to fashion. These include “crop top king” and “human Gucci,” which are both self-explanatory.

It has already become public knowledge that Kai dresses well and seemingly pulls off anything he wears. But, what many people do not know is the unusual and shocking habit that he has when it comes to his sartorial pieces.

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A Shocking And Unusual “Fashion Habit”

Teen Vogue recalled the episode of I Live Alone, wherein the EXO member shared a glimpse of his walk-in closet. As described, the space was filled with luxury goods from floor to ceiling.

Fans and viewers, later on, noticed that many of his clothing items still have their respective original tags. This reportedly caused discussions among the public, with some asking him whether he would sell them and say the pieces are brand new.

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There are few who also poked fun at Kai, insinuating that he does not wash his clothes. He reportedly made jokes with his responses, although he clarified that he does wash them.

On a more serious note, the K-pop idol revealed that this is a fashion habit of his, adding that it is “bothersome.” He explained that he puts the tags again “to keep them well” because he wants to take good care of every item.

EXO Kai Deserved All The Praises For His Style

In 2020, Kai was the only South Korean celebrity who made it to GQ’s most “coveted” list of “Best Dressed Men.” Koreaboo reported that not only is he the sole idol in the top 50, he even made it to the top ten as he ranked seventh overall.

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The publication said that experts over at the magazine praised Kai for his style. They described it as “experimental and courageous, but elegant and sophisticated.”

It was also emphasized that the EXO member is “easily the most enigmatic and stylish of his fellow K-pop sensations.” He was said to have a “way with color and fabric that few of his contemporaries could ever hope to achieve.”

Watch this space for more EXO Kai news.

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