May 18, 2024

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5 Steps to Remove a Screen Door

It is quite tricky to remove a screen door, but this guide will help you to do this job perfectly. The equipment and tools that you have to arrange include a screwdriver and putty knife. To remove the sliding screen door, you have to prepare the area and remove the items, including outdoor chairs , plants, and umbrellas. Locate the roller wheels and use a screwdriver to turn each of the bottom roller wheel screws counter clockwise. 

This practice will help to drop the door slightly, but in most of the case you can remove the door without loosening the roller wheels, but the better approach is that you loosen the wheels because the removal is easier, and the chances of damage are minimal. Now start from any corner and lift one side of the door so that the bottom roller wheel would be visible. Slide any thin implement under the wheel so that the wheel can be further up into the door frame. Keep the thin element under the wheel by maintaining the pressure, but when you get satisfied that the entire wheel has cleared the lip, slide the element out of it. You can repeat the process if you observe that the wheel has not fully cleared the lip. 

Now clear the second wheel over the track lip by repeating the previous steps with the second roller wheel. Push the door up then pull the edge of the door toward you then the second wheel would be cleared now. Lift the screen door out then you would be able to lower the door out of the track. If you are not sure about any area and want to get more information contact Garage Door Repair Services in Brunswick, NJ to speak with professional.

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