July 20, 2024

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5 Tips for Updating Your Kitchen on a Budget

5 Tips for Updating Your Kitchen on a Budget

Kitchen remodeling is often believed to be the number one option for most of the people looking to upgrade their home. For that purpose, I am going to discuss how to update the look of your kitchen with new hardware, furniture, lighting, paint, and rugs.

  • New Hardware

Replacing hardware is amongst the easiest ways to update your kitchen. Faucets, knobs, and drawer pulls are like the jewelry of your kitchen, and by changing them out, you are going to give your kitchen a fresher feel. For hardware selection, I would recommend using materials that are virtually maintenance free and can last longer such as matte aluminum instead of brass.

  • Furniture

You can replace your kitchen cabinets, shelves, as well as the stools for a more comfortable seating arrangement. The kitchen is the place where you would spend a lot of time so why not give it a perfect look with picture-perfect furniture. If your budget is small and you cannot purchase new furniture right now then spray painting your existing one would be an excellent option.

  • Paint

Being a busy part of the home, the kitchen often needs extra cleaning. That’s why you need to have a paint finish that can handle stains, dirt, soap, and a little water as well. A satin finish semi-gloss finish is commonly believed to be the best choice. As a general rule of thumb, keep in mind that “the more matte the finish, the harder it is to clean.”

  • Kitchen Lighting

Add lighting that creates a soft glow and is direct onto the work surfaces. This way you will have a brighter functional area without any annoying shadows. Your space will look more attractive and pleasant to spend time in it. Also, because a great deal of cooking and food preparation is done in the late evening, artificial lighting is necessary to complete your kitchen and make it a safe place. However, adding artificial lighting can be a bit pricey as well, so look for discount deals that could help you make your purchase on the cheap.

  • Rugs

Choose a rug that will coordinate well with the existing decor and provides comfort to your feet. A robust and hard-wearing rug can also protect you from falling on a slippery floor while improving the appearance of your kitchen at the same time. Flat-weave rug is a way to go if your kitchen deals with heavy foot traffic. They come in cotton and many other easy-care fibers which makes them machine washable and practical option to take into account the clean-ability.


Though a variety of ways are there to give your kitchen a new look, we have listed only 5 of them. You can pick one or two updates that best suit your needs. Also, if you have more tips and recommendations of your own, please do share them in the comments below.