April 17, 2024

Dragon Esdelsur

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5 Ways to Achieve a Contemporary Kitchen Design

Kitchens are an important space for any home. For many, they’re a symbol of family, community and togetherness. It makes sense then to pay close attention to the interior design of a space like this. Design themes for kitchens have seen quite the transformation over the past couple of years. Contemporary kitchens combine the new and old with slick ease, borrowing elements from many decades prior, and along the way, adding newer, functional design elements. 

contemporary kitchen designs

This style of interior design is not rigid. It makes room for many different aesthetics and allows for a lot of creativity. From boho-chic to slick marble and metal combinations, you can find a way to incorporate pretty much any design element that intrigues you. 

If you’re looking at refreshing your kitchen and adding a hint of contemporary design to lift it up, here are things you can do to achieve the perfect look!

Less is More

Many contemporary kitchens follow the philosophy of “less is more”. Complete with white cabinetry, countertops and metallic appliances, these kitchens prioritise functionality over much else. It’s all about utilising space effectively. 

Another important thought behind the minimalist design of contemporary kitchens is the effect it has on one’s mood. Decluttered spaces have been proven to enhance mood and health, and a minimally designed kitchen does just that. Kitchens of this time usually feature only pops of colour, working primarily with whites, off-whites, metal and every now and again, furniture/ accents made of wood.

minimalist contemporary kitchen

Marble and Wood

An interesting trend that has become a staple in contemporary kitchen designs is that of the marble and wood combination. Marbled countertops and cabinet frames are often paired with dark, deep-toned wood to create the perfect contemporary kitchen. 

Marble offers sophistication, while wood offsets the cool tones of stone adding depth and warmth to the kitchen area. One can even consider using marble with a wooden base, or the inverse of that combination, for an island counter – another popular design element in contemporary kitchens. 

Since marble usually looks best in cool tones, it’s important to pay attention to the type of wood one uses in this case. Ensure that the tone and texture of wood contrast and complete the type of stone used. Lighter shades of wood may not always do the trick, so opt for darker wood types.

contemporary kitchen designs

Pops of Colour

Contemporary kitchen design makes room for many styles. If you’re looking for something cosier, and less sleek, the colourful kitchen is a great way to go. While appliances may still be incorporated in metal, wall designs, accents and accessorisation can take on a more colourful appearance. 

Consider using patterned wallpaper, contrasted with stark, solid-coloured countertops in white or black. Or, if you’re going with white walls and marble tiles, coloured or patterned cabinetry can be a great way to add a splash of colour to your contemporary kitchen.

Pop of colour kitchen designs

Open Floor Kitchens

Many contemporary kitchens rely on open floor plans to add a new vibe. Essentially, an open floor kitchen emphasises space, integrating the kitchen with the rest of the home, instead of separating it into another area altogether. 

Elements that can be used in an open floor plan include island counters with seating areas that work as dining tables, sliding cabinet doors that take up less space and multi-functional units like an oven cum storage unit. 

Open floor interiors are a great way to give your kitchen the contemporary feel instantly.

contemporary open plan kitchen

Black is the New White

Interestingly, the colour black has become a favoured element in contemporary kitchen design. From black walls to black cabinetry and black countertops, the colour is being used widely to add a chic and sophisticated vibe to one’s kitchen area. 

While it is an exciting colour to work with given its magnanimity, it can be tricky to get right. Black often has the ability to make a space look smaller than it actually is. So, make sure to pay attention to the layout of your kitchen and work with your space, not against it. 

black contemporary kitchen

Another factor that makes black such a great colour to work with is that it can be paired with nearly every colour in the book. From metallic accents to solid matter colours like blue, orange, pink and green, black furniture or cabinetry makes way for some serious creativity. 

Various materials like black marble or granite also make for great options when it comes to countertops. 

That’s the thing about contemporary kitchen design – it’s what you make of it. The great thing about this theme of interior design is that it allows for a combination of many different styles of design. If you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen and give it a contemporary makeover, the buzzing designers at HomeLane are all set to get you there. Get in touch and start your contemporary kitchen journey now!