July 23, 2024

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An Interior Designer’s Guide To The Ultimate Steam Shower

Health + Wellness Benefits Of A Steam Shower

At Elegant Simplicity, our focus is in creating a home with everything you need + nothing more™ And prioritizing health + wellness at home with the connection that our experiences + surroundings have on our minds, bodies + souls is powerful.

Let’s take a look at the health + wellness benefits of a steam shower — they’re actually quite remarkable.

Relaxation + Reduced Stress +

At the top of the list for why many people request a steam shower in their home is to relax + reduce stress. Our worlds are complex, constantly moving + certainly change is something we’ve all had to adapt to. 

From feeling like we’re always on “work-time” to challenges with relationships or the overwhelm that sometimes comes along with parenting… Having 10-20 minutes in a steam shower at night before bed or before starting your day is an excellent way to prioritize yourself.

Easier Breathing + Better Sleep

For whatever reason discomfort when breathing is unnerving but a steam shower has the potential to help. 

Regardless of whether it’s a common cold, environmental allergies or asthma, the respiratory benefits of steam are fairly popularized. In fact, steam not only opens up the nasal + throat passages but helps soothe them as well.

And if you sleep next to a snorer, then a steam shower will also help with better sleep for both of you 🙂 

Improved Cardiovascular Health 

Bare with me because those are words you don’t often read in conjunction with interior design amiright?!?! 

However, a 2012 study found that a steam shower because of its moist heat could improve blood flow throughout your body. But it doesn’t stop there, a steam shower has the potential to also lower your blood pressure.

While we love science — know that when it comes to steam showers there’s evidence to improve your health both in the things you can + cannot see.

Healthy Skin + Detoxifying Your Body +

Nearly everyone has put a warm rag on their face at some point in their life + that’s because steam opens up your pores. And a steam shower is simply this, at a larger scale. 

The steam shower itself allows your skin to breathe + quite honestly, sweat. 

And when you sweat it has the potential to not only rid your skin of oils but also help detoxify your body from pesticides in food or toxins in the air you breathe. 

P.S. Almost everyone loves this next one 🙂

Soft Skin For Shaving

One of the most noticeable benefits right off the bat from having a steam shower is it’s a pre shave treatment *wink* Because the steam warms the skin it also helps soften your hair — so yes, ladies shaving your legs will be easier + include less razor burn 🙂 

Gentleman, if you shave post-shower you’ll see the benefits of this too!

Muscle Recovery + Reduced Joint Stiffness

From reducing joint stiffness and muscle soreness to increasing your flexibility, whatever level of fitness you pride yourself on being, steam showers offer an excellent benefit in helping you recover quickly from physical exercise.

Technology For Your Steam Shower

Remember those Roman steam rooms we talked about… well, modern-day steam showers are certainly a far cry from those.

Steam showers today have — like every other part of our lives — can revolve around smart technology. 

From aromatherapy steam heads to chromotherapy lighting or dare I say music-therapy, technology is a big part of steam showers. 

Smart Tech Capabilities

From digital touch-screens inside to starting your steam shower from your smartphone technology truly does add a benefit to your experience.

Depending on the manufacturer, some offer the ability to not only adjust the length of time that the shower will operate but create custom profiles for temperature. 

Music, Color, Scent

Boo, from having music in the steam shower that isn’t muffled through the glass, to chromotherapy lighting that calms you down + creates a relaxing space to infusing your steam shower with aromatherapy scents that you breath in — there are infinite possibilities to make your steam shower experience a spa in your home.