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Hobart Professional Meat Slicers Review in 2022

If you have your own business in which it is required that you possess a meat slicer, handful of brands are as reputable as Hobart. Sad to say, obtaining a used Hobart meat slicer with lots of expert options and superior scores isn’t easy.

Even though these are considerably more highly-priced than your conventional meat slicer, primarily just one you would use at house, they have numerous wonderful features and attributes that other organizations are not able to beat.

In this Hobart meat slicer evaluation, we will explore 5 of the finest Hobart deli meat slicers that you can uncover available correct now, as very well as all the attributes they have to supply that will acquire your business to the following stage.

Best Hobart Professional Meat Slicer

1. Hobart HS9-113” Automated Slicer with Interlocks and Detachable Knife

Hobart HS9-1 13 Automatic Slicer with Interlocks and Removable Knife

The to start with Hobart meat slicer on our checklist is regarded as the most preferred and ideal for tiny places to eat, delis, butcher shops, and grocery stores. You not only can use this automated slicer to slice meat, but cheese, vegetables, bread, and other foodstuff as well.

It capabilities a 13-inch CleanCut knife that you can clear away and clean additional successfully. In addition, it is manufactured of aluminum, building it a solution that will very last you two to a few times as very long as blades produced of other materials.

It operates mechanically, enabling you and your crew to concentrate on other tasks whilst it repeatedly slices pound soon after pound of meals. It also has interlocks that are meant to make the Hobart meat slicer simple to use.

The computerized shutoff will flip the knife off if it has been inactive for at minimum 30 seconds. You can modify the thickness of the slices, with 1 inch being the thickest you can slice.

2. Hobart Edge-13 13” Guide Meat Slicer

Hobart Edge-13 13 Manual Meat Slicer

The next Hobart professional meat slicer on our list is really rated and excellent for any deli, butcher shop, or grocery retail outlet. You will be in a position to reduce any meats and cheeses that you require. It is produced of long lasting anodized aluminum that is considerably a lot easier to clean up and lasts longer.

This device statements that it can minimize slices of foodstuff as swiftly as feasible with out sacrificing high-quality. It operates at a 45-degree angle and has a ½ hp motor that is great for chopping cheese.

You can change the thickness of the blade making use of the knob, which will enable you to lower slices of food anyplace amongst paper-thin and 9/16 inches thick. It also will come with a designed-in sharpener that you can use to sharpen the blade in as minimal as 5 seconds.

3. Hobart HS6-1 13” Handbook Slicer with Detachable Knife

Hobart HS6-1 13’’ Manual Slicer with Removable Knife

This subsequent item from the Hobart HS sequence has numerous skilled functions, together with the 45-diploma reducing airplane, equipment grooves, and a much larger products tray that will successfully maintain the meals you are chopping.

The knife of this product or service is outstanding considering that it is created of aluminum as opposed to stainless steel or carbon, which statements to past 2 to 3 situations as long. In addition, it has 3 stroke lengths and 4-stroke speeds.

You do not have to have to use the knife in the course of sharpening and cleaning, producing this Hobart experienced meat slicer a large amount less complicated to use. It has six computerized interlock features and a crafted-in sharpener as well.

4. Hobart HS7-1 13” Automated Slicer with Removable Knife

Hobart HS7-1 13 Automatic Slicer with Removable Knife

Listed here is yet another 1 of the most common Hobart meat slicers. It has a 13-inch CleanCut knife that you can take away, earning it less complicated to clean up.

Like many of the solutions designed by Hobart, this knife is designed of aluminum as opposed to carbon coating or stainless steel, which will enable it to very last for up to 2 to 3 times lengthier.

The design of this meat slicer is also intended to be certain that it is less difficult to cleanse for the reason that of all the detachable components and the manual raise lever, which will optimize your general performance on the career and let you to reduce the spread of microbes.

It has an automated operation, escalating your productivity for the reason that you can target on other duties though the meat slicer operates continuously. For case in point, you can use it to slice a wide variety of various meats and cheeses.

The adjustment knob on the side will let you to customise how thick you want each slice to be, and it can do this up to 1 inch. The crafted-in sharpener is also additional for benefit, and you can sharpen the blade in only 5 seconds.

5. Hobart HS7N-1 13” Automated Slicer

Hobart HS7N-1 13 Automatic Slicer

The closing item on our listing is yet another Hobart deli meat slicer that has acquired rave assessments. It has a 13-inch CleanCut knife that you are unable to take away, which will lessen the hazard of you dealing with accidents.

This blade is produced with a have on-resistant alloy material, which will allow it to final extended than the typical meat slicers.

Thanks to its removable accessories and the handbook raise lever, you will also have no issue cleansing this meat slicer. It has a ½ hp motor and a products carriage with 4 speeds, three-stroke operation, and it operates mechanically.

It can simply manage reducing a lot of diverse kinds of food though you and your staff function on other responsibilities. You can change the thickness at which foods is slice up to 1 inch. It also has a created-in sharpener that will permit you to sharpen the blade in only 5 seconds.


If you had been seeking for a excellent, qualified meat slicer, then you require to convert no further more than Hobart’s meat slicers.

While these make fairly the financial investment, Hobart is recognised for its large-quality equipment, like the Hobart 2912, Hobart Slicer 1712, and Hobart Edge 12, which are other fantastic options that are challenging to obtain.

View as service at your deli or other business booms, thanks to the effectiveness of these gadgets.

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