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Insects, bugs, small animals are everywhere and they can attack your home anytime. And once your home has become infested with a pest, it will get hard to get rid of them. No matter how thorough your cleaning sessions are, there is still a little bit of chance that to get pests in some corner of your home.

It might seem surprising to your, but your extensive cleaning is might not doing anything for pest control. So, how can one prevent pest infestation? Along with a clean home, you will have to follow some other tips as well.

Extensive Tips for a Pest-Free Home

Gaps and Cracks:While you were cleaning your home, did you notice any small cracks, gaps, or holes around the place? If you haven’t, then there is no need to worry for you. But if you did, make sure to fill all those hollow spaces before pests can enter from there. You cannot take chance when it comes to pests as they can enter from even the smallest spaces. Make sure to fill all the cracks with cement, fill the plumping pipes when you are not using those, cover the sink at night, etc.

Check for Leakage: Bugs, insects, and other pests seek damp, wet places. Therefore, if any part of your house is dampened there can be a chance of pest infestation. Check all the pips around and in your home. There should not be any wet places in your home as mosquitoes can breed on them and then make your life a living nightmare.

Look Out for Spillage and Crumbs:Pest only needs two things to stay alive, and those are food and water. And if your home is a free source to get those, there is no stopping your home to become infected with pests. Deep clean your kitchen, wipe the floor whenever you have spilled something, and don’t keep the leftovers out in the open. If you look after your kitchen, half of your worries will be done, so ensure to look out for the kitchen especially.

Wash All the Dirty Dishes: Leaving dirty dishes overnight will be a massive mistake on your behalf, as that way insect can get food and water from your home. The best thing would be to clean the dishes whenever you are done eating. And if that is too much to do, at least ensure not to leave out dirty dishes at night.

Tips for Pest Infected Home

If you are not lucky and pests have already claimed your home, then we also have a solution for that. By applying these tips at home, you can make all the insects run away.

Essential oils: Applying essential oils at home, you cannot only make your home smell great but do some sort of pest control easily.Pests like bed bugs, bees, and dust mites stay away from strong-smelling substances, so it would be better if you ensure to spread these oils around the home on a regular basis there.

Baking Soda and Sugar: The combination of baking soda and sugar is the best remedy for various pest problems. Just mix these two compounds in equal quantity and then leave a small amount of the mixture throughout the home. If there are any ants, cockroaches or other bugs are present, they will eat it and then die. Then all you have to do is to get rid of the dead bugs.

Call an Expert:The best decision to stop pest infestation would be calling a professional like Ecoguard pest control. They have been serving their clients with the best pest control services under their budget. They also offer a long list of location:

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