May 20, 2024

Dragon Esdelsur

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Organic Gardening & Pest Control – Suggestions to Guard Your Fruit Bearing Plants Against Pests

Your garden or farm is overwhelmed with delicious fruit bearing plants and trees, you are expecting a good reap this year, but are you worried about keeping away pests from your precious fruits? Leave those worries away because there is a simple and effective way to keep all your troubles that is “organic gardening pest control”.

These solutions are simple, easy, and highly beneficial. Unlike the synthetic pest control remedies these remedies will not harm your trees in any way.

Baits and Horticultural Oil – Moths can be ridden of with the help of sticky traps and folded cardboard. If moths are your prime problem, try using pheromone baits. Horticultural oil can just be sprayed on the stems and leaves of fruit bearing trees and plants to get rid of moth larvae and insects.

Organic Soap Solution and Oil – During late summer you might face big problems in keeping away the insects and spider mites from your precious fruits. Spray this in the evenings for better results.

Predators of Nature – Lacewings and lady bugs are some of the good natural predators that can help fruit farmers. Insects like Aphids are best tackled by their natural predators. Make sure that you have plenty of Lacewings and lady bugs around to help you deal with insects like these.

To protect your trees from borers it is advisable to cover up the tree trunks. But if the tree is already infected inject nematodes to the stems. You can identify the infection with signs like wilted stems and stiff bark. However, it is advisable to pull off the stems that are severely infected.

Till the soil around the trees affected by oriental fruit moths. This will expose the moth larvae and you can get rid of them more effectively.

Organic gardening pest control is an excellent way to protect your fruit bearing trees and plants from pests and the result you gain will be enormous!