July 17, 2024

Dragon Esdelsur

Home Sweet Home

Pasta Night Just Got 100 Times Easier With All Clad’s Newest Launch

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Let’s be frank: When it comes to making weeknight dinners, nobody has time for tons of steps and a sink-load of dishes. Life is hard enough without that pile of dirty, time-consuming pots and pans awaiting a good scrubba-dub-dub. That’s why we’ve worked hard to seek out some awesome dish-duty-helpers, including sponges, brushes, and dish racks that’ll undeniably ease some cleanup strife. However, it wasn’t until this week that our dream product finally hit the virtual shelves. We’re talking about a kitchen essential that eliminates almost all the dish-making from the get-go.

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The product in question? All-Clad’s brand-spankin’ new Simply Strain Multipot — an ingenious invention that lets you make entire dinners in just one piece of cookware. It also promises to reduce cooking time and eliminate hassle. Plus, you can trust that All-Clad (one of our most trusted sources for cooking essentials) has constructed this do-it-all piece with high-quality materials and designed it to last a lifetime.

The Multipot is made up of a 6-quart, hard-anodized aluminum nonstick stock pot (don’t worry, it’s PFOA-free) and a strainer lid that locks in place. Besides its all-in-one nature, what makes this piece brilliant is that it’s lightweight, easy to store, and large enough to whip up a family-sized batch of pasta — which would be uber easy to do in the Simply Strain, BTW. Just boil the water (don’t forget to salt!), add in your pasta of choice, and when it’s time to drain, lock the lid in place and pour. Not only do you eliminate the need for a separate strainer, but you can also save pasta water right in the pot, keeping those starchy noodles saturated and bouncy!

But the handy pot is not only a pasta maker, it works wonders for other grains and legumes too, such as lentils, quinoa, and rice. After boiling, you can simply add other ingredients right into the same pot and whip up, say, spiced lentils with egg or coconut and shrimp rice noodle salad. Because the interior of the pot is nonstick, you’ll be able to dole out whichever delicious dish you’re making without any remnants sticking to the bottom or any stubborn sauces catching along the sides.

There are a few other ways to use the Multipot, too, from blanching to boiling and poaching. Making a quick batch of broccolini? Easy-peasy. All you’ll need to do is strain the water through the top once the veggies are cooked through and voilá! In fact, because the pot is oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, why not stir in some seasoning, garlic, and olive oil, then pop the whole thing in the oven for one-pot crispy, garlicky greens?

There are endless uses to All-Clad’s MVP invention — it truly lives up to its name! And, because of its masterfully executed design elements, no matter what it is you plan to tackle, you can rest assured the pot won’t result in a whole mess of dishes or the frustrated fit you might throw while washing them. Happy belly, happy cook, happy clean up … what more could you really ask for?