July 20, 2024

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Pre-Listing Home Inspections

Pre-Listing Home Inspections

I know for a fact that you’ve worked HARD to get your home to the point where you think it is ready to sell. And you’ve undoubtedly sacrificed time away from your other hobbies to make this happen.

I also realize that in this soft real estate market, the pressure of getting your house in front of more people and your house being ready to sell is very important. So don’t let your sale hang in the balance by a Clueless Home Inspector. Did you know that 85% of home inspectors don’t understand that they are a part of the Real Estate Transaction? I think this is almost criminal.

Find a Home Inspector in your area that offers Pre-Listing Inspections. You should probably ask your Realtor for references on this before just making random phone calls. The Most of them are not even taking care of their clients after the sale. They just deliver a poorly written inspection report and leave you alone to clean up the mess! This information was gathered from a survey I conducted with some of the local Real Estate Agents in my area, so there is actually real data to back this up.

Home Inspectors should not be the DEAL KILLERS on the transaction. Professional Real Estate agents have been referring their clients to Professional Home Inspectors that can report their findings in a neutral non-alarming manner. Home Inspectors should provide thorough, accurate, NON SCARY home inspections for your clients. Sure, at the end of the day the house is still the house; but the inspection findings are conveyed in a neutral manner that WILL NOT SCARE AWAY YOUR BUYERS.

I know a lot of the Realtors and Homeowners that read this will not be able to readily find Home Inspectors that match these criteria, so I am going to list out the six qualities that your Home Inspection Company should have as a core value: Quality Professional Home Inspectors should live by these everyday.

1. Home Inspection Companies shall convey its inspection findings in a manner that minimizes the chances of scaring your client!

2. When your client receives a thorough home inspection, it will greatly reduce potential complaint call-backs to You!

3. A firm rule is that your client won’t ever hear the word “Code” on any inspections a Professional Home Inspector conducts (except new construction)!

4. You shall full confidence knowing that your inspector is certified, will perform in a professional manner and has been reviewed consistently for adherence to TREC, and TAREI’s highest standards!

5. You want to be sure that your referral will make you shine in the eyes of your client and they will be particularly pleased with the professional appearance of the Inspection Company, right down to their shoe covers!

6. Enjoy the convenience and freedom of choice to schedule an inspection seven days a week!

Before choosing your next Home Inspector just sit down and discuss these issues first.