July 18, 2024

Dragon Esdelsur

Home Sweet Home

The Link Up: The Clothes And Jewelry Em Wore On Good Morning America, The New Skincare Face Mask Caitlin Is Lathering On, And An Affordable Cabinet We Love

It’s our hope that these Sunday Link Up posts are a little reprieve in your weekend. However, with the 6, yes 6 mass shootings that happened in the US this past week, we need to be highly aware that while reprives are important for mental health, we can’t become desensitized. We know explicitly that the Buffalo shooting was a direct result of racism and white supremacy and the Orange county shooting was also a hate crime. One shooting in Texas was at a flea market and reportedly was due to a “fight between two groups of people.” While these issues go far deeper than our government and its laws, remember that midterms are coming up. Using our voices and votes is such an important and actionable way to get people elected that can actually make some tangible changes. It’s easy to feel helpless but it’s harder to lose someone you love. Everytown is a wonderful organization to support the end of gun violence if you are able.

Let’s shift to embrace joy, joy in the form of design by the one and only Justina Blakeney. We think the world collectively rejoiced when we all saw that she and her home were on THE COVER OF ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST. Normally, we refrain from using photos with people in them so we can focus on the design. BUT again, the joy and love emanating from Justina and her family is the perfect entry into what their home is all about. There are two many incredible moments in this home to point out so you’ll just have to see for yourself. GO HERE NOW.

From Emily: Pulling together outfits, where I felt comfortable, professional, and stylish, was much harder than anticipated when I was shopping for going on Good Morning America because WHAT IS HAPPENING IN FASHION? So I finally found this cute APC denim dress that was structured AF – thick, tailored, and going nowhere in a good way, which meant that it was going to be great for TV. But it was a bit utilitarian (which I loved) so for the GMA segment, I bought a victorian collared and sleeved lace shirt to layer underneath (here is a super similar one from the same store). Then I added a pearl necklace with a gold heart locket charm which felt right (and just cool). Those were more splurgy (from Clare V, but not fine jewelry or anything) so I went to Madewell to supplement because one must layer at all times – the thicker one linked here and the skinnier one that looks like ball bearings (can’t find on the site). I got that bauble ring on clearance which I do love (but don’t run it through your fine hair – it will harvest that hair from your scalp) and the chain buckle bracelet from Clare V too. The other one is from Madewell. I then added more stacking rings mostly because they wouldn’t fit on any other of my sausage fingers (runs in the family!).

From Jess: I just bought really cute high-waist wide-leg medium blue denim jeans! The other best part is that they are FRAME jeans but from Nordstrom Rack, so they were $89 (originally $248). They are technically cropped but since I’m 5’4″ they hit me at the ankles which I like. Also FYI they are a little more “high-rise” on me than how they look on the model. Oh, and if you are looking for chic comfort slides, I loved these and almost bought them because they were so comfortable.

Also From Jess: If you are looking for some great new music check out Maye. I love Moody but her songs are great. Enjoy!

Also Also From Jess: I’ll take a 10-piece chicken nugget meal, 3 BBQ sauces, and a chair. Thank you!

From Caitlin: OMG GUYS. I have found a skincare product that made my skin look SO GOOD that a MAN noticed the difference and dropped an unsolicited, “wow, your skin is glowing” after I had used it for the first time!!! It’s the Laniege Cica Sleeping Mask – I picked it up on a whim when I was grabbing yet another jar of their famous Water Sleeping Mask, which I use as a daily moisturizer because the gel texture is incredible – and Y’ALL, THIS STUFF IS MAGIC. My skin is naturally pretty dry (like, flaky in some parts) and kind of red, and this calmed the heck outta everything. It’s pretty thick (I may have over-applied because I looked like Mark Zuckerberg paddle boarding) but it absorbed so quickly and my skin felt unbelievable the next morning – all the places that normally feel a little scaly were totally smooth. I had no redness and some of my wrinkled areas (ya girl has DEEP laugh lines, even at 30) were a little less pronounced. I think this product may be a little TOO much if your skin leans oily (the Water Sleeping Mask may be great for you, though!) but OMG I AM SO EXCITED. It has a near-perfect rating on Sephora’s site and it deserves every freakin’ 5-star review it gets. A little miracle in a jar for all my fellow dry-skinned pals!

From Mallory: I bought this cabinet for my entryway and I LOVE it but it ended up feeling too deep for my space (I thought after taping it out it would fit juuuuusssttt right…sad). Linking it here so someone else can buy it and enjoy it in their home!! It’s so well designed and was pretty easy to set up 🙂

Opening Image Credits: Design by Justina Blakeney | Photo by Jenna Peffley | Fashion styling by Bettina Bati | via Architectural Digest