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TV Bracket Installation – Preparatory Activities

TV Bracket Installation – Preparatory Activities

Most, if not all TV dealers and distributors of TV wall brackets claim installation of TV brackets have become simpler than ever, and mounting the television on them can be done by anyone. This is true in most cases provided the person has some DIY sense and experience doing odd jobs around the house with screwdrivers, wrenches and split levels. These are the basic tools a DIY enthusiast will need to install the TV brackets and mount the television onto it.

You have to choose the right size TV wall bracket for your wall. There are many models and types of on display and you can see how each is installed and used since each model has a different purpose and function. Asking for a TV wall bracket will give you a variety of responses from the sales clerk. It is advisable to browse around the store and inquire on the different models and their functions. You should have a good idea on where you want to place the LCD TV; otherwise you might be selecting the wrong TV bracket model.

If you haven’t decided yet, you had best go home, look around the rooms and the walls and determine where you want the television to be located. Once you’ve decided on the location, you may have an easier time selecting the correct model and type, assuming you’ve purchased the television already. Some people go ahead and get the TV wall brackets without having decided on the television set. People should keep in mind that TV brackets and television sets should go hand in hand. You cannot purchase one without at least knowing the specifications of the other. Since there are so many different models and types, it is better to purchase the television set first.

People tend to change their minds once they see the different television sets on display and compare the resolutions of the different models. Once you have acquired the television set, you should get a TV bracket specifically for that television brand and model. Choosing an improper sized TV wall bracket can be risky for your TV. With the television in your possession and knowing where you will place the TV on the wall, you can proceed to the store for your long-awaited TV wall brackets. Since you have a specific type in mind, it becomes easier to select the correct TV bracket.

You can limit your selections by defining the load and size of the television, and you can further limit your selections be defining the desired position of the television on your wall. If you plan to put the television high up, then a tilt type may be the ideal product for you. However, it implies that you will be seated in front of the television, looking upwards at the screen. If your seating position is to the side of the television, you should choose a TV bracket with the tilt and swivel features. Those features allow the television to be tilted downwards and facing sideways directly to you. These initial steps should be done in the correct sequence; otherwise you might be acquiring improper sized TV brackets.

Once you have these major items, you need to prepare the tools that you will use for installing the TV bracket and mounting the television onto the brackets. The nuts, bolts and screws are usually included in the package of the TV wall bracket. Check the package for completeness before rushing home. You will need a Philips or flat screwdriver, nut and bolt wrenches, stud finder, cable finder, wire finder and split level. Check the instruction booklet and see what has to be done, and you will have a good idea of the tools you will need to get the job done efficiently and effectively.