June 23, 2024

Dragon Esdelsur

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What Should You Consider While Buying Your Electric Roti Maker

Roti makers are becoming increasingly popular, in the era of fast living. This electric kitchen appliance is a boon for those who find less time to cook at home and who wish to eat homemade, hygienic and delicious chappatis. But it is important to buy roti makers of high quality, as it should not burn the dish and make it soft and delicious. Here are a few points of concern that one should keep in mind.

Analyzing the Functioning: A chapati or roti maker is an electric device that is meant to make the lives of people better. They operate under electric power and transform a dough ball into a flat roti, by applying pressure from both its base plates. The plates then generate heat, which cooks the roti, making it soft and fluffy. It is multi functional and is possible to cook other dosa varieties as well by using it as an open pan and without pressing its handles. Choose a machine that caters to all these working functionalities to realize the best value for the money spent on them.

Understand the Use: Roti makers are meant to ease out the difficulties associated with making chapatis, they should ideally make excellent rotis of 1mm thick within a few minutes and should be able to cook other tiffin varieties such as uttapams, dosas, parathas etc.

Look into the brand name of the roti maker: choose a reputed and well known brand, so that its customer support team is really available for after sale service and repairs. Inspect the product thoroughly before choosing to buy it for faults and repairs. Especially, look for the on/off indication light bulb to avoid accidents while cooking, especially when kids are around.

Griddle material: the griddle or the heating plates of the rotimaker are generally made of forged aluminum. Check for the aluminum made body as it helps in equal heat distribution and cooks roti evenly. The griddle plates could be of a non-stick layer so that the flour doesn’t stick to it and does not demand use of oil on the surface. Though roti makers of different sizes are available, it is a smart option to buy electric roti makers of 8″ to 10″ in diameter.

Temperature: The cooking surface of the electric roti maker should be able to attain 425 degree Celsius for better results. But power factor depends on the material used to cast it, the griddle size and so on. 750 watts is needed for a griddle of size 10″ and 250 watts is needed for its cover.

Safety: Since the roti maker operates under power, it is important for it to be made of shockproof body. Accidents associated with power leakage are to be avoided, check the safety standards of the brand before buying them.

Taking these factors into consideration, roti makers are an awesome tool for any kitchen and could be used by bachelors, working women, students easily and its importance should not be neglected.