July 18, 2024

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All you need to know about moving dolly

Moving dollies works perfectly to make your move quite easier for you. You can handle more weight with the less effort but before purchasing a dolly for your move read on this article to get idea about different types of dollies. The first type is furniture dolly that is made of wood with four wheels and a carpet top to secure the items you are moving from scratches.  You can place the item underneath and make a balance by pushing it to safely deliver the item into the final destination. Utility dolly is the L-shaped with metal base and two wheels that can be used by slipping its metal edge under an item then tilt it back against the hand truck back. 

You can use the ratchet strap to keep it in place as moving to your destination. Appliance dolly is quite similar to the utility dolly that can handle heavier items with the wider base, reinforced back, and straps to secure the appliance for the move. You can buy the appliance dolly with $250 but can cost varies on how much weight it can bear. Stair dolly is same as hand truck with six wheels that helps you to rotate and easily climb up and down the dolly.  

The dolly is generally operated by battery and costs less than $100 and top $4,000 for heavy-duty version. One of the most frequently asked question is which dolly should be used to move ? So you should go for the furniture dolly at first that could be very helpful for moving couches, dressers, bookcases and even pianos. If you are moving with appliance, the get an appliance dolly that can assist you to move anything same as the hand truck. If you are still confused about which dolly is best for you hire Out of state movers for further information. 

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