June 23, 2024

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Common Causes of Tree Damages In New Orleans

The New Orleans area is famous for its trees. Hurricane Ida knocked many of  them down | Environment | nola.com

Trees play an important role in keeping the environment clean since it produces oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide. They are also used as decorations to make the area beautiful and refreshing. However, if they are no longer serving their purpose they have to be taken down. Dead trees for instance are a nuisance to the area where they stood. Tree service companies offer tree removal in New Orleans.

What Are the Common Causes of Tree Damages In New Orleans?

Trees are Hit by Storms

Storms can destroy trees and even uproot them depending on the strength of the wind and the heaviness of the rain. The trees that are damaged after the storm can cause inconveniences to people living in that area. So these trees need to be removed.

Damage Roots

Some trees may be damaged by the roots and they are not able to survive. It can be caused by several reasons such as invasion of fungus, lack of nutrients, or damage by heavy equipment. Trees that are infected can affect other trees near them, that’s why they have to be plucked out to avoid the spread of the disease. 

Damaged by Construction Activities 

In areas where constructions are being done, there are tendencies that roots can get chopped to even uprooted. The trees may die or some of their branches can be ripped off by high construction equipment. 

How do you identify tree problems?

There are several ways to tell if there is something wrong with a tree and here are slime common signs:

Wilting Leaves 

Trees with wilting leaves may be under heat stress, even trees get stressed too if they are receiving too much heat from the sun the leaves can not take enough water since water is released fast due to high temperature. 

Yellow Leaves 

Yellow leaves are equal to nutrient deficiency. This can be caused by low ph soils or the soil lacks nitrogen. The nitrogen deficiency can be seen on old leaves because the minted nitrogen is usually sent to the new leaves. 

Spots or Blemishes on the Leaves, Bark of Fruits

Spots and blemishes on the leaves, barks, and fruits can be a sign of fungal or bacterial infestation in trees. Some may be caused by insects, they can be determined by the shape, size, and location of spots. Experts can tell if they check these details on spots and blemishes. 

Leaves have Moldy Areas

Gray, white and black spots can be a sign of fungal infection. Powdery mildew and black sooty molds are common ones seen on trees. 

Holes on the Leaves 

Holes on the leaves are usually done by insects. Beetles and caterpillars usually chew leaves and leave holes as evidence. 

Leaning Tree

If a tree is leaning it means that there is something wrong with its roots, since it can not hold the tree upright anymore. It can be infected with insects or many other causes. Leaning trees are dangerous since they can fall at any time. 

How To Take Care Of Trees?

Give Enough Amount of Water

Trees need water and the size and age of the tree are also a factor in how much water it should take. If you have a tree on your property then make sure to know how much water is needed so you can meet the water requirements it needs. New trees usually need 4 to 10 gallons each week. 

Mulching The Trees

Mulch can avoid trees from having dry soils and getting owned. Mulch also insulates tree roots just to make sure not to cover the base of the truck.

Prune Your Trees

If you prune your trees properly and improve their structure. Know when to partially prune trees or fully prune them. There are seasons when they have to be majorly pruned, for instance, summer can be the perfect time to get rid of dead and damaged twigs. 

Having an idea of the common causes of tree damage in New Orleans will let you know if you need to call tree services to take care of your trees or remove them. Know when the trees are still beneficial or not, if they are putting you in danger then you have to call your tree services immediately.