June 23, 2024

Dragon Esdelsur

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Garden – Get in on the Good Vibrations Gardening Offers

The Earth vibrates at an amazingly healing frequency.

In Clinton Ober’s Book “Earthing” he states that we are all electrical beings and so is the Earth. There exists a primordial relationship between Mother Earth and You. The electrical charges coming from the Earth are actually soothing, strengthening, and healing. Who would have thought!

David Wolfe, an author, speaker, and outspoken authority on healthy lifestyles believes the common shoe is perhaps the “world’s most dangerous invention.”

After fifteen years of research, he incriminates the shoe as one of the “most destructive culprits of inflammation and autoimmune diseases” because it puts a barrier between us and the healing energy of the Earth. If you think about it, most shoes are insulated from the Earth by rubber and plastic products. When we put gloves on unless they are made out of leather or natural fibers, we insulate ourselves from the healing vibrations of the Earth. I realized that most of my gardening apparel is rubber soled and rubber gloved. If you are not one who likes to get your hands in the soil unless their covered. Perhaps it’s time to make some changes. At least choose gloves made of natural fibers.

Tavera, a french agronomist lamented the modern lifestyle with all our plastic clothing and rubber soled shoes and believes the lack of electrical contact with the Earth is the cause of increased chronic illness. He believes eating more wholesome food, free of chemicals and breathing cleaner air is great, but the thing we really need to do is reconnect with Mother Earth. Time spent in the Garden (if you are clothed properly) is time spent connecting.

The Earth emits a negative charge which is absorbed by our bodies and all those free radicals running around in our systems are made complete. Thus they don’t steal from surrounding tissues. Apparently, inflammation is the number one cause of most of our ailments. Two Australian researchers, Barry Marshall and Robin Warren were awarded a Nobel prize for discovering the cause of stomach ulcers was not due to stress or spicy foods, but by inflammation triggered during bacterial infection. More and more, disease is being linked back to inflammation in the body. According to research done by Ober, inflammation in the body is significantly reduced by the Earth’s vibrational frequencies.

So, there is a whole lot more going on out there while you’re on your hands and knees weeding, planting, and watering. Gardening comes with benefits we didn’t know about. Get in on the good vibrations by spending as much time as you possibly can with the soil. Garden.