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Rose Gardening: Enjoy The Rich History, Fragrance and Benefits of Roses

Rose Gardening: Enjoy The Rich History, Fragrance and Benefits of Roses

Roses are the “queen” among the types of flowers that many people prefer to have in their gardens. Some enthusiasts choose these plants by their fragrance, and some choose them for their color(s), but all the growers would love to be the envy of their neighborhoods when they show off their special flowers

The history of roses is fascinating. It is thought that cultivation of these specimens began in China about 5,000 years ago. In the seventeenth century royalty used roses and rose water as legal tender. The Greeks adorned themselves with garlands of these types of flowers. Cleopatra would decorate her palace floors with their petals. Discovered fossilized wild rose remains date back over 35 to 40 million years! The Romans used these plants in medicine, cosmetics, perfumes and in recipes. Rose petals in the Middle Ages added fragrance to sachets, perfumes, and potpourris. However, many people enjoy growing roses due to their special meanings and simple beauty. If you choose these types of flowers it may be helpful to understand their different meanings before selecting a color.

What are the meanings of the rose colors?

  • Red: Red is the most popular and means romantic love
  • Purple: Purple signifies falling in love at first sight
  • Coral: Coral represents desire
  • Oranage: Orange means enthusiasm
  • Yellow: Yellow symbolizes friendship and joy
  • White: White is well-known for purity

Once you choose a color, there are thousands of varieties of these plants to choose from. In making your decision the hardiness of the plant must also be considered. A beginning gardener should not try to grow hybrid teas roses because of their difficulties and vulnerability to pests and mildew. Landscape roses are low maintenance and are resistant to disease. Shrub roses are also disease resistant, long blooming, and have beautiful leaves even when not in bloom. Miniature roses have the same beauty and scent as the larger roses and are easy to grow indoors. These may be better choices for novice rose growers.

Roses can add much more than just beauty to your yard and romance to your life. Roses continue to be used in recipes to this day including in puddings, jams, and many other dishes. Rose hips are an excellent source of a number of vitamins, and rose hip tea is used to fight infections. The Romans steeped their roses in wine as a hangover cure.

Try planting roses in your garden to discover their rich history, many health benefits and stunning beauty.