September 26, 2023

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8 Must-Have Gadgets For Norwegian Summer House

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Summers might be difficult to deal with when you have other responsibilities at home and don’t have anything to look forward to when you finally finish everything. As a result, these summer home gadgets not only make your life easier in your Norwegian home, but they also allow you to relax later by doing household tasks more quickly and efficiently. When you visit Norskeanmeldelser, you will be able to read reviews about summer houses in Norway and learn how you can keep your home cool from these reviews.

Nevertheless, we will be sharing some must-have gadgets to keep your Norwegian house cool for this summer.

  1. Ikea’s Smart Window Blinds are a great place to start

It is a gadget you can use for all your extra-lit rooms with extra window sets that are great when it’s raining but turn into a pathway to hell-of-a-heat when it’s hot outside. This popular summer home device is similar to automotive sun blinds in that they cover your windows and work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. Ikea’s smart blinds successfully block out the glaring sun.

  1. Air Conditioner Ambi Climate AI

During the summer, there are many conditioners in most of Norway’s markets that promise to be ultra-cooling but do not give you what you want for summer. On the other hand, this innovative air conditioner employs machine learning to learn about your family’s routines and temperature preferences. Then, this summer home gadget considers inside humidity and the weather outside to ensure that you are always comfortable in your home and don’t have to worry about manually altering your temperatures using remotes. You can visit Coolstuff to check out this air conditioner and other things that can help you keep your house during summer.

  1. Tado° Smart Thermostat

Tado° is a clever summertime gadget that helps you save energy by turning down the air conditioning when you’re not at home. This version can even handle your radiators in the summer, making it a handy tool for saving money and time in a fun way.

  1. CHOETECH Solar Charger (Portable Waterproof)

Light cuts are a big issue in some places in Norway, especially during the summer. As a result, this home summer gadget is one of the best innovations since it effectively uses sunshine as a source to charge compatible devices at up to 5V/2.1A in direct sunlight. Its highly efficient sun power solar panel converts up to 25% of solar power into free energy. You can use this gadget to power energy inside or outside of your house.

  1. Hunter Apache Ceiling Fan with Wi-Fi

This smart fan connects to your Wi-Fi network, so you can use Alexa or Siri to regulate the downdraft. Furthermore, it includes an energy-efficient light that not only cools the air but also illuminates your rooms. In the summer, you must try this device for your home.

  1. Biukpci USB Neckband Fan

 You can wear this top home device around your neck like a Bluetooth ear pod and get quick cooling in the summer. We all know different people will love to have various desires of chilly air, so with this excellent USB-charged Neckband fan, you can have your desired air regulated by yourself. This wearable fan is the ideal personal cooling option, with a battery life of 13 hours.

  1. Smart Window treatments

Even in the middle of a scorching summer, window shades are an underappreciated tool for keeping your house or office cool. They work as insulation, keeping heat outside and cool inside when drawn all day and correctly installed — as close to the glass as feasible.

  1. Water bottle with a vacuum seal

Staying hydrated is critical when you’re sweating all day, and having some cool water on hand is a good idea. There are many water bottles available at every price point, but we recommend a stainless steel bottle if you want the best mix of durability, weight, and performance. A vacuum-sealed bottle, as well as water bottles, are ideal choices for keeping liquids chilled.