June 23, 2024

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Air Quality Tech’s Air Duct Cleaning Process in Katy Texas

Have you noticed your home getting dirty or dusty a lot quicker than usual lately? Are your bills slowly getting higher every month? You can blame it on dirty ducts, as well as Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition system components. If a person’s home has experienced water damage and mold, consider hiring an experienced professional duct cleaning firm or individual to clean the home’s ductwork. 

How is it done? The right technique uses negative pressure technology. This type of duct cleaning is very easy to understand, and a systematic process that helps deliver precise results. Still, less-than-reputable and fly-by-night firms have given this industry a bad reputation in recent years. 

If you have had your ducts cleaned by a professional that was in and out of the house in an hour and seemed to leave more dirt and dust than they actually cleaned, there is a big chance that you are left wondering what exactly was done to the ducts. 

To fight these bad experiences, authorize cleansing firms are eager to help homeowners educate about NADCA or the National Air Duct Cleaning Association‘s standardized techniques for cleaning services. These procedures show how to properly clean ducts, as well as the filters, registers, plenums air handlers, and evaporator coils – almost all components of a forced air Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system – and the outcome can be undeniable. 

The procedure used by accredited companies is called the source-removal methods by the National Air Duct Cleaning Association. It involves cleaning ducts by hand and using compressed air tools while vacuum collection devices extract dislodges debris and dust.

Does duct cleansing work?

Step #1: Inspect the ducts

A simple and visual inspection of the ducts leading to the supply and return registers is crucial for two reasons. The first reason is it is a step that people can take themselves to assess the level of debris and dust buildup in the air ducts beforehand. 

Homeowners also need to confirm the difference after the pipes have been cleaned. There is a big chance that cleaning contractors will use cameras that can check out the far corner of the ducts and show how serious the buildup is before they start the cleaning. 

The second reason would be, professional cleaning is an opportunity for technicians to check the ducts for any leaks or, in the case of pliable tubes, any kinks. Also, a lot of these contractors can make, replace and repair damaged ductwork. For more information about this topic, check out websites like for more details.

Step #2: Create the negative pressure

Professional cleaners use portable, truck-mounted, or large vacuum collection gadgets to suck debris and dust out of the ductwork. But before turning on the scrubbing and suctioning of the ductwork, the professionals need to perform preliminary steps.

First, they need to hook the vacuum collection gadget’s hose to the duct close to air handlers – Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition’s heart and soul. Professionals will cut an access hole on the ductwork, insert their vacuum hose, and seal as tightly as possible where they are joined. 

The next thing professionals need to do is to seal every register using an adhesive cover. It is an essential step in cleaning the pipes because even a compelling collection device will not be effective if the registers in every room of the house are not covered. 

Once professionals finished the preparatory steps, they will turn on the vacuum device. The measures will create negative pressure, and particles like dust and debris inside the pipes will be sucked in the collection gadget as they are brushed or be blown loose.

Step #4: Agitate the debris and dust

Once everything is under the negative pressure, professionals will uncover every register and clean the pipes one by one. One thing that differentiates a National Air Duct Cleaning Association-certified cleaning contractor from a fraudulent, fly-by-night companies, is the amount of effort and time they spend per register. 

Improper trained professionals have been known to stop the procedure after a quick burst from the compressor and a spray of disinfectant. The technique is not effective and usually results in debris and dust being blown away into the room. Reputable professionals will use compressed air devices, rotating brushes, as well as a simple vacuum cleaner to make sure debris and dust are sucked and dislodged into the collection device.


Does the negative pressure duct cleaning actually work? The answer is a resounding yes, but it needs to be done the right way, and of course, the professionals you hire need to be qualified or registered with the right agencies. The right contractor with the proper training will perform the tasks carefully and thoroughly, making sure that the ductwork on your home winds up undamaged and clean.