July 15, 2024

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Bulk Internet Deals and How They Benefit Condominium Owners

Bulk Internet Deals and How They Benefit Condominium Owners

Owners of condominiums or units in multi-dwelling properties benefit significantly from bulk internet agreements. A bulk internet agreement is a situation where the home owners association (HOA) of an MDU property commits to a termed service delivery contract with a specialist internet service provider (ISP). Due to the high density of people and separate living units within a relatively small area, service providers can deliver internet access to the entire property and charge each separate resident for access. This delivers a number of advantages to the home owner:

Bulk internet agreements helps save residents money

When the ISP wires an MDU property for internet, they have to buy what’s called ‘backbone’ connectivity from a tier-2 provider. This is essentially the piping that makes the internet work. A service provider can buy certain levels of ‘backbone’ dependent on variables like download and upload capability.

A bulk internet agreement helps the unit owner save money because he service provider can split the cost of supplying this backbone across multiple billable customers. The resulting monthly cost to each resident is significantly lower than if they were to sign their own individual internet agreements.

Bulk internet providers can deliver faster connection speeds

Unlike regular consumer broadband technology, bulk internet agreements from specialist service providers can deliver significantly better download and upload speeds. Due to the small scale and localised infrastructure of an MDU, service providers can use system technologies that aren’t possible in a regular residential model. Hardware and cabling that makes next-generation internet speeds possible can be installed as a one-off investment and the service provider can make their ROI back over a longer period of time.

For the owner of a condominium unit, it means access to corporate-level internet connectivity right from their living room. Depending on the property’s needs or wants, download speeds of up to 1Gbps can be delivered that makes streaming movies, video chat with friends and family and online gaming happen seamlessly. Simultaneous internet use throughout the entire property can occur without users experiencing slowdowns or heavy bandwidth restrictions.

Bulk internet agreements deliver superior customer service

When a HOA has a specialist bulk provider looking after their property rather than where each unit subscribes to their own agreements with a monopoly provider like Comcast, residents benefit from improved levels of service. Under a bulk internet agreement, the community is brought together under its own private internet network. This makes monitoring the service and issuing break fix work much more responsive than if the subscriber were just a single customer within a huge organisation.

Support is delivered on a more local scale and this means issues get solved faster and more reliability. Many service providers compete on providing the best possible customer experience which means they try harder to gain goodwill and spread word of mouth. The result for the home owner is a much more cost effective, advanced and enjoyable internet experience.