May 29, 2023

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Hardie Board Siding: Your Companion in Building a Green Home

James Hardie board siding (gray), white trim, red door. | Craftsman house,  Hamptons house, Exterior house colors

You may have heard about green buildings. This term is usually used and prominently applied in urban planning. Green building or construction is a notion of making sure not only practices are met with considerations of nature, environment, and people. It is also a practice of acquiring suppliers and purchasing materials that meet the same standard and follow the same trend.

Building a responsible home is not only attributed to the output. It starts with the purchasing and preparation of construction materials, the methods of storing and disposing of chemicals, choosing what materials are the best for the environment and the people who live in it, and ultimately, making sure that there is minimal impact on the environment if not none at all. 

The Hardie board siding and fiber cement are two options commonly used for green homes. Because these are prefabricated product solutions, material use and waste are substantially reduced. It also cuts costs and produces less carbon footprints during manufacturing and transportation. 

Hardie Board Siding: What is green building and why Is it a thing nowadays?

People are now aware of the effects of our overpopulation, our poor industrial practices, and how it has affected our planet in just a matter of two decades. Besides, carbon emission has tremendously affected our health. Regions in China for instance have experienced the worst urban pollution due to the growth of its manufacturing sector. Smog can be seen in highly urbanized areas and cities and it has affected millions of people around the world.

With the problem rising in an uncontrollable manner, the notion of the green building came into the picture. People’s desperation to resolve the consequences of urbanization is apparent and can be largely seen and observed in green practices. Thus, the green building became relevant more than ever. Regardless of the laws and regulations, and even without the incentive, people opt for green solutions, such as a green building.

Will Hardie Board Siding Solutions Allow Me to Follow Green Practices? 

To begin with, the Hardie board is manufactured using sustainable materials. Unlike other siding options which use the traditional asbestos and formaldehyde, the Hardie board uses materials that have lower toxicity than the industry standard. It also cuts the use of lumber which helps us gradually eliminate our dependence on trees.

Manufacturing Hardie board siding minimizes wastes. Because it has the integration of new technologies and the use of modern machinery, the amount of discarded materials has substantially decreased following ISO standards. It also uses recycled water during the manufacturing process which helps in preserving scarce materials.

Have your fair share of preserving our planet with the best and the most sustainable siding solutions for your home. Following the notion of preservation and the protection of our planet does not have to be costly and hard. By simply choosing the right materials for your home, you can substantially contribute to the movement. Eco-friendly solutions are not hard to find nowadays. Call your local siding contractors for more information and how to get things started the right way.