April 24, 2024

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How To Choose Perfect Vendors For Your Event Planning Business

Dubai is an entertainment and business hub in the middle east peninsula. Every day, numerous events are happening throughout the city. It is now considered one of the most diverse cities in the world because more than 180 countries residents live here.  Businesses are flourishing and companies organize the event in order to discuss business strategies or team building purposes. Weddings, birthday parties, product launches events are also very popular here. Events planning has now become a major business in Dubai and so many companies are competing against each other in order to capture most of the market.

To organize a perfect event, there should be a perfect synchronization between all the parties participating in the process. WIthout harmony, it is difficult to make an event successful. As Henry Ford said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”

All vendors of different expertise come together as a unit to pull out an awesome event. If your vendors don’t show their best ability then it is very difficult to do a flawless job while organizing the event. I have seen so many event production companies in Dubai who failed to organize a perfect event because they were unable to deal with vendors. In this article, I will list down a few tips that will help event planning companies to choose the best vendors in the market.

Go Through Past Experience

It is very important to go through the past experience of the vendor before hiring it. For example, if you want to hire a interior designer then you will check his portfolio. Whether it did a great job in his previous projects or not.

Always check whether he wins an award or certificate on his pass work. This will be the approval of the expert capabilities in their field. Once you go through the history of a vendor, you will surely know it is suitable for your work or not.

Get a Reference

References are a good way to find a good vendor for your work. For example, if other event planners have good suggestions then you can pick them for your event. But even somebody recommends you, always go through their previous work before making your mind. So what are things you should consider if somebody suggests a merchant?

  • Area of expertise:

Whether its experience is suitable for your work. Maybe he is good in some services but he is not good in others. The person should be good in all departments. We don’t need weak players in our project.

  • Pricing

Even you think the vendor is smart but if you can’t agree on pricing then it will be a waste of time to spend more time on it.

  • Offering Deals on Packages

If you get someone who is offering good deals on the packages then it will be very good for your event. As at the end of the day, we need to lower our spending. As the client has given a fixed budget and you don’t want to exceed it. We work for profit, we have to find all the cost-effective resources for our event.

  • Responsiveness and Location

You don’t want to hire someone who lives far away from the event location. To want to speed up the process in order to meet the deadlines. You should also consider, the person you are about to hire is responsive or not. If he is a lazy person and doesn’t pick the calls on time then he can create big problems for you. Event management Dubai is not simple as it is not easy to find perfect vendors who could fulfill the criteria.

Trust Should Prevail On Both Sides

We just pull in our identity! Along these lines to pull in and locally available the A players, it’s significant that you fabricate the notoriety of being an A player yourself. That implies regarding your sellers as colleagues, making installments on schedule, passing business referrals to them and above all exhibiting your increase by accomplishing something uncommon for your merchants. Each association puts assets in making their customers feel extraordinary through notes to say thanks, endowments or merry hampers and so on. Make sure to do likewise and more for your seller accomplices as well! The better your notoriety, the better your odds of pulling in the best merchants around the local area for your occasions.

Look For Good One on Trade Fairs

Trade fairs and other networking events are a great place to look for a potential vendor. For example, if you have attended a event and you were impressed by all the setting and decorations, you can easily reach out to the company who did all the good work. Life of event planners in Dubai is not easy, because of one person mistake a well-organized event can fail. So always polished your skills and keep looking for good resources in your market.

One more perfect place to spot good vendors is Real Estate Events. As real estate dubai market is the most profitable business venture and they organize event time to time to showcase their new projects. I found real estate property events are well managed and classy. So if you are a new event management company then time to time attend these events to grow your network.  

Final Thoughts

Above mentioned tips are very vital when it comes to growing your trusted vendor’s list. Always remember successful events are the hard work of different parties who works day and night to pull out a flawless job. Event planning is all about to perform things in harmony. Every party who is participating in the task should be showcasing their best skills.