July 18, 2024

Dragon Esdelsur

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Letting Go Means Opening Up to Yourself

Letting Go Means Opening Up to Yourself

Letting go of a relationship that’s ended is not about the person you’ve lost, it’s about you. While your partner moves to a different part of town or on to a new relationship, you may still be rereading old letters, listening to messages you can’t bring yourself to erase and feeling that letting go completely will leave some kind of void within yourself.

Allowing yourself to feel all the feelings that come with rejection will help you move past the hurt and anger, and the ill placed hope that the relationship will start up again. Sometimes you can’t let go even after working through the process of loss. If you feel you are stuck you may want to look into support groups or one-on-one therapy.

One of the hardest self inflicted obstacles of rejection is the feeling that something we did or said lead to the breakup. We fear we can’t be ourselves and still find love again. Our self confidence is shaken to its core. Yet regaining a sense of self worth is critical to bouncing back from the loss and believing in ourselves again.

If you sense there is a void in your life, do something to fill it. You’ve taken the hardest step when you commit to moving forward. There’s an old strategy for building self confidence that really works. It’s called: act is if. So start by acting as if you want to see more friends in your free time and you’ll soon find you’ll look forward to connecting with people who value you. Act as if you can do anything you put your mind to and make a list of things you’ve always wanted to do. Then act as if you do these things all the time. You can increase your self confidence by showing yourself that you are open to new adventures. Make note of your positive changes.

You can speed the process of reclaiming the self esteem lost after a breakup by listening to self hypnosis tapes that clear out old negative messages stored in your subconscious. Self confidence comes from the inside. When you feel good about yourself, you can feel good about the future. You can let go and move forward easily and comfortably.