March 3, 2024

Dragon Esdelsur

Home Sweet Home

Reposeful Interiors Fitted With Custom Furniture

Visualised by Product Wish Design, these five modern home designs are reposeful in their understated neutral palette and pared-back minimalist decor style. Each home interior is fitted with sleek custom furniture designs that create streamlined room layouts and plentiful storage opportunities. Clean white paintwork, natural wood grain, dapples of uplifting greenery, and soothing beige elements make a calming balance of decor tones. Within these restful surroundings, personalised touches shape the flush-fitted furniture to instil unique character and unexpected interest. Contemporary accent chairs, wall art, textured wall panelling, illuminated shelving, perimeter lighting and beautiful modern pendants are added to the mix, where they successfully fashion fascinating ensembles to amuse a creative eye.

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