October 1, 2023

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Ultimate Guide to Garage Door Repair and Maintenance in Denver, CO

The Ultimate Guide to Garage Door Windows - American Garage Door and Gate  Systems

A lot of people who are looking for houses in the market are interested in houses with garages, and for good reasons. When you have a garage door, it would last you about 30 years. But that is only if you have proper maintenance on it. 

The garage doors in Denver, CO have a lot of purposes, not just for parking cars, so maintaining them and making sure that it is always repaired is incredibly important for you and other people’s safety. Here is the ultimate guide to garage door repair and maintenance in Denver, CO.

Benefits of Having a Garage Door in Denver, CO

There are a lot of benefits that you could get when you have a garage door in Denver, CO. It could help in increasing the overall value of your home since attracts a lot of buyers in the market, it would help in improving your curb appeal, it actually requires less maintenance despite what other people might think, it adds extra security to your home, and it reduces your cost in heating and cooling since it could bring in better insulation into your home.

Most Common Types of Garage Door Repair

  • Broken cable repair
  • Replacing the panel of your garage door
  • Safety sensor alignment
  • Spring repair
  • Bent and/or broken track repair

Most Common Types of Garage Door Maintenance

  • Tightening the hardware of your garage doors

Tighten up the hardware of your garage doors and check if the roller brackets and the bolts are not loose since the garage door goes up and down more than a thousand times.

  • Testing the balance

You could also test the balance of your garage door because your garage door opener would work double-time just to open your garage. And because it would work double-time, it would break easier.

  • Inspecting and replacing your garage door rollers

The rollers of the garage door are also something you have to constantly check on. You have to inspect it at least twice a year (depending on how much you use it) and replace the rollers every seven years.

  • Lubricating all of the moving parts

Make sure that all of the moving parts of your garage door are also part of the maintenance. You have to make sure that they are always greased up because this would add to the lifespan of your garage door in general.

  • Always check your cables

You should also always inspect your cables because these are the things that lift your doors so you could go in and out seamlessly. If this breaks or if it is damaged, then your whole garage door might just fall because of gravity and it might end up hurting someone at the end of the day.

2022 Trending Garage Door Colors

  1. White

The color white would have to be a classic garage door color, and it’s actually a preferred color for doors in general. That is mostly because it would help make your door stand out more and it would contract perfectly with the rest of your garage. It’s effective in adding curb appeal but it could easily show people stains, dirt, and debris.

  1. Light gray 

Light gray is darker than white but lighter than black which gives this perfect balance that would give your garage door this softer appeal. It would also add this unique flair to the look of your garage overall. If your house has a lighter interior then light gray is an amazing choice because it is darker than your interior but not too dark.

  1. Sage

Any shade of green has been trending a lot lately, but sage has an earthy tone to it that would be a perfect color to add to your house to give this nature-y vibe to it. Sage is also known as this elegant color that a lot of designers love since it has this perfect way of blending into nature while making sure it looks like it is of a high-end design.

  1. Rust 

This is a relatively bold color choice and it has not been a choice for a lot of homes but architects love adding this color to a lot of homes. If you have a modern midcentury-style home the rust is a great color that you could incorporate into your home. It could easily attract the attention of people passing by and it could also attract potential buyers.

  1. Red

If you want a more bold and daring color, red is a perfect choice because it would definitely make a statement. It’s a color that really attracts the eyes of people and it has a way to pop out. With red, you could pair it with light exteriors.

What Type of Garage Door is the Best?

The type of garage door that is best for your house would depend on the kind of architecture and geographical location of your house. When it comes to what type of material your garage door is made of, there are a few choices that you could choose from.

The most popular garage door material is steel because it’s very flexible, durable, and has an amazing value overall. It is available in a lot of designs and it could sometimes be a more practical alternative to wood since it is also cheaper. Steel is lighter compared to the other materials and it is so much easier to maintain.

Wood would have to be the second most popular type of material as it provides this kind of elegance that is endless. It is renewable and it is a much more eco-friendly option that you could consider when you are planning your new garage door. If you want to have this unique look on your garage door, then wood is a great option.

Last but not least, we have fiberglass. This would have to be one of the most overlooked types of material when it comes to garage doors but it could mimic the texture of wood closely. The big difference between the two is that fiberglass would not warp, crack, or shrink unlike wood would. So this is an ideal material if you are living in a place that is humid.