July 15, 2024

Dragon Esdelsur

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Uncover What Is Holding You Back

Uncover What Is Holding You Back

When you are having any kind of a challenge, be it personal, professional, etc. There is a fast and free way to quickly get down to what is going on; to understand why you do things, or want things, or need things. It is to ask yourself progressively penetrating questions. The most important requirement for this technique to work is a capability to be honest with yourself. What gets uncovered may surprise you.

Here’s how it goes:

1) Identify what you are struggling with.

2) Ask yourself the question of why you are doing/wanting/needing this.

3) Answer honestly.

4) Do steps 2 and 3 a total of 7 times, going deeper each time.

For example, for me it may be something like:

1) Why do I want or feel the need or desire to increase my income?

My first answer would be: I need to have more (disposable) income to be able to continue marketing my brand.

Then the second question would be:

2) Why would you need to continue marketing your brand ( i.e “Fantastic Frank”)?

My reply would be: That is who I define myself as.

Then the third question would be:

3) Why is that important to you?

To this I would answer: My mission statement is “The purpose of my life is to be a man who can both give and receive love NOW!!!”

Then the fourth question would be

4) Why do you need or require love now?

My response would be: I am alone, missing the Ying to my Yang.

Then the fifth question would be:

5) Why are you feeling alone when you have so many people helping you, assisting you, employed by you?

My answer would be: Because I do not have a girlfriend or a wife.

The sixth question is:

6) What happens when you focus on giving love instead of receiving it?

To this I would say: When I am loving others, I feel full and happy, and I forget about being alone.

7) What keeps you from loving others?

Finally: I am not loving to others, or able to feel their love for me, when I am too focused on myself.

Those seven questions took me to what underlies everything in my life. What started as a question about money came back as an answer about love. My desire to increase my income is related to my desire to give and receive love. Whenever I give of myself in love, I have no concerns about why my income is not growing. I know that when I give away the thing that I treasure most (love) it will come back to me in many related ways, not just money.