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21 Expensive Mistakes You Must Avoid When Buying A House in Denver, Colorado

21 Expensive Mistakes You Must Avoid When Buying A House in Denver, Colorado

$40,000 is how much you could pay if you make a mistake when buying your next home. 

Learn from other homebuyers’ mistakes here so you can avoid issues with the next home you buy. Otherwise, if you make these mistakes, you could be paying tens of thousands of dollars to fix them.

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You can avoid these expensive mistakes when you buy your next home very quickly. These 9 common mistakes can be very costly. However, they are easily avoidable with a little understanding that you can get right here. Let’s talk to Adam of Jamison Engineering for an excellent example of an expensive mistake a home by a maid that could have been avoided. 

“I recently gave a new homeowner a quote over $40,000 to repair a structural issue in the basement of the house. Adam continued “a $250 engineering report during the inspection. Performed by us or any engineer would have uncovered the issue and allowed them to negotiate. It would have saved them the $40,000 bill.”

Buying a new house is very exciting. It involves a lot of money, so you must not make expensive mistakes.

Going out into the market finding that dream home, putting a bid on it, and ultimately moving in is a fascinating period in anyone’s life. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the process and get your mindset on one house this excitement could cause you to drop your guard or misstep. We want to help you avoid these eight come in Expensive mistakes.

My question to you is 2 minutes of your time with $40,000?

Expensive mistake #1 to avoid when buying a house.

Don’t make a mistake when buying your next home of not setting a budget.

When you are buying the next time, it’s essential to understand what you can afford. You should take a good look at your financials before you head out looking at properties. It is a common mistake for people to fall in love with the house outside your reasonable budget period. This mistake can lead to added stress and heartache. 

Ultimately, if you go through with the purchase, it could end up in a terrible financial situation. So, spend some time doing research and work out what you can comfortably afford monthly. Also, don’t forget to budget for unseen repairs that may need to be done in the future. For example, if the water heater breaks or you need a new dishwasher.

Mistake #2 to avoid is to make sure you have a good reason for moving.

Moving to a new house is very expensive. It costs a lot of money time and mental energy.

Next to the amount of money it costs to move, there is a huge emotional toll on a person when they buy a new home. Therefore, you need to be moving for the right reasons. If you want to move because your house’s interior color is wrong, you might consider just painting the inside. Don’t make the expensive mistake of buying a new home without understanding your reason for moving. Your reason for moving maybe for a new job, perhaps you are downsizing, or you’re blessed with a new family member so upsizing. Those would be good reasons, in my mind.

Buying too quickly and not being patient can be an expensive mistake when you buy your next house. 

Buying your next house is a huge undertaking. Ideally, you will be there for a long time. So, take your time and make sure the house you buy is well priced and meets your needs. 

Once you understand your reasons for buying a new home, you should create a list of your new place needs. A list of must-haves and likes will help you compare homes that you see objectively. For example, you must have 3 bedrooms, and you would like 3 bathrooms, but you must have 2 bathrooms. Once this is clear, then take your time to find a house that meets these criteria. Understand that finding a home can take some time, so be patient. If you are not patient, you could end up overpaying significantly for a house or buying the wrong one. Both of those scenarios would be costly mistakes indeed.

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When finding your new home, use your network. Send out messages on Facebook and ask people at your work if they know someone looking to sell. It’s incredible how often a person can find a new house by doing a little bit of networking. 

Mistake number 4 you must avoid when buying your next house is not being flexible.

You have created a list of must-haves and would like, which is very important when you buy your next time it will help you avoid many mistakes.

However, it’s also crucial to know when you can make a little and willing to. The earliest dip of understanding why you are moving will give you a good appreciation for 4 the items in your new home that you must have. By all means, make sure you get those and be realistic about finding that perfect house. If you are not flexible, you may pass  a potentially wonderful new home that is a great price. Go into every home with an open mind, and you will avoid the mistake of passing on your next great house.

The next mistake you must avoid is not being open to ideas—costly mistake number 5.

You hire a real estate agents for a reason, right? They are professionals and may be able to see what you can’t be open to their ideas and never say never.

Being open Two ideas can be difficult. Sometimes we get stuck on Certain items. It is crucial to be able to visualize what each house can and can’t do for you. Being able to imagine what the future holds to some degree can Help you be open Two changes that may occur and other ideas. Being open to ideas will help you avoid more costly mistakes when buying your next home. For example, maybe there is construction going on nearby right now, but if you dig a little deeper, it might be your favorite supermarket or restaurant. Don’t make a mistake when you buy your next home of not being open to ideas. It could be very costly in the long run. 

Working alone is mistake #6 that could cost you a lot of money when you buy your next house.

Buying a house is possibly the largest financial transaction you will undertake, so unless you have a lot of experience, it would be wise to work with a real estate agent or other real estates professional.

A real estate agent has a fiduciary responsibility to make sure you are represented when you buy a house. There is a lot of legal jargon That must be processed in the contracts, and if you sign a contract it is binding you must be sure the contract that you signed represents what you want. Imagine signing a contract and then finding out when you buy someone’s house that after paying them the sales price, you must pay them an additional $20,000. Believe it or not, a contract could say that. It’s not likely, but it could. If you are working alone and you miss that, you just lost $20,000. That is a hugely expensive mistake you do not want to make when you buy you next time. The way to avoid this is by using a real estate agent or professional on your side and looking out for you. 

Mistake #7, when buying the next time that could cost you a lot of money, is choosing the wrong real estate agent.

Like any industry, good people and bad people are working within it. The real estate industry is no exception.

When choosing a real estate agent to represent, you are sure to ask around about their reputation. Ask them for references, look at reviews on google about them. When creating a shortlist of real estate agents to interview, ask for refills from family or friends. Maybe they know someone that they had a good experience within the past. 

When you sit down and talk with an agent, be sure to ask them plenty of questions. Ensure they have the right answers for those questions and make sure you’re comfortable with that person. The real estate agent that you used to buy your next house will influence your decision. 

So, if you choose the wrong agent, it could be a costly mistake. Maybe they will push you into the wrong house. On the other hand, a great agent will know what you need to understand the local markets. They will have their finger on the pulse and do an excellent job for you and find your next beautiful house. 

If you need to buy houses or rentals in Denver then a great agent will also be able to help you find the best off-market deals and rentals in Denver, Colorado.


“We are local to Denver and we buy houses in Denver therefore we understand the value and when we buy Denver houses we purchase them for cash and as a cash home buyer we pay a good price and a fair market value because we love Denver, Colorado and the people trust Watson Buys because we are honest and we are the fastest and best we buy houses for cash solution!”

It’s vital that when you choose a real estate professional to represent you. They have excellent local knowledge. For example, in Denver, Colorado, there are many neighborhoods. Each neighborhood of Denver has various immunities  and services. Therefore, what a house is worth in Lakewood will be different from what a home is worth in Littleton. These are both neighborhoods in Denver. 

We are local to Denver and we buy houses in Denver regularly. We drive the neighborhoods and we see what is happening all over the city. There are so many great reasons to live in Denver. We love it. I would highly recommend that the person who helps you buy your next home can answer what is  specifically happening in the area you want to purchase your next home in. They will help you find a great house at a great price. 

A costly mistake you can make when you buy you next time is not thoroughly inspecting your potential new home for problems—mistake #8.

Performing a thorough inspection of the house, you’re about to buy is imperative. Hiring a well-reviewed and speak to will ensure any costly repairs to the structure of your new home will be identified.

From this inspection, you will be able to determine if you need more specialized help in understanding issues with the house you are thinking of buying. Think back to earlier in this article when a $250 engineering report would have helped an unfortunate buyer avoid a $40,000 structural repair required in their new home. Inspecting your new house thoroughly with trustworthy professionals will help you avoid expensive mistakes.

The last mistake we would like to talk about today when you buy the next home that you must avoid is being too emotional.

Mistake #9 can be avoided if you create a good plan, understand what it is you need in your new home, have it written down, and then stick to it.

It is effortless to become emotionally involved when you buy your next house, and this could be very costly for you. Of course, this is the place you will spend a lot of time making sense that certain houses will pull on your emotional strings. Be sure to stick to your guns and go into each home knowing that there will be another one it may not seem like it at the time but if you are patient and your objective about buying a house to a large degree you will find a great home, and you won’t make any costly mistakes. 

Avoiding expensive mistakes when buying a new house– our final word.

Now that you are aware of these expensive mistakes you could make when you are buying your next house, be sure to heed them, go out and enjoy buying your next home.

If you are ready to buy your next house, finding an excellent real estate agent to help you do so will ensure you don’t make any expensive mistakes. A real estate agent’s job is to represent you throughout the entire process. It includes finding and showing you houses for you to buy. Helping you understand the value and what the new home is worth and how much you should bid. Guiding you navigate the counter offers and the detailed contracts that will repeatedly be pushed in front of you. The real estate agent is there to hold your hand through the inspection period. During the inspection, they will help you determine what you should ask to be repaired how much it could cost and how to negotiate with the home seller. 

Buying your next time is a fascinating thing to do. Learn from these mistakes. By doing so, you can go forward and enjoy buying your new home, knowing that you will avoid these expensive mistakes.

Good luck and happy home buying. We wish you all the best.

Bonus material: 3 tips to negotiate like a pro.

When buying your new house, there will be a period for negotiations. Use these 3 tips to help you buy your next home at a great price and on your terms.

Home Buying Negotiation Tip 1: Closing the deal too quickly.

Have you ever negotiated a deal and felt an uneasy feeling in your stomach afterward? The uncomfortable feeling in your stomach is often due to closing the deal too quickly. When negotiating for your next house, be patient, take your time, and don’t be afraid to counteroffer on multiple occasions. You never know the situation the home seller is in. Imagine this scenario. You just put an offer on the house, and the sale came back, asking for a little more money. What do you do? did you know there is a possibility the person on the other side of this deal has told their Real estate agent…

“I really need to sell my house fast, so you have made this deal happen.”

If this is the case, you take your time. It will add pressure to the home seller and lead to further concessions so they can get their house sold quickly. 

Home Buying Negotiation Tip 2: Determine what You are willing to concede before you must do so.

In fact, on the initial contract or offer that you seem to the person selling their house, you could include things you don’t even want. By doing so, you are then able to concede that IE gives the seller something in return for them giving you something that you are giving them you don’t even want. Now that’s negotiating like a pro.

Home Buying Negotiation Tip 3: Be confident, be patient, and be willing to walk away. 

Any professional negotiator will tell you to be confident, patient, and not being tied to the house emotionally will instantly put you in the driver’s seat. Believe it or not, the person on the other side of the negotiation will feel this. A simple example of being patient is not responding to any counter-offers immediately. Being confident can be achieved by understanding what you want in a property and how much you are willing to pay for it. We spoke about these in the costly mistakes to avoid, so you are already well ahead of the curve.

Do plenty of research on buying a house and negotiating what the home is worth in your neighborhood where you want to purchase and have fun with it.

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Stay safe, and thanks for your time.