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7 The Danger of Roof Leaking Leaves Very Fatal and Often Underestimated

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The case of a leaky roof is a serious problem that must receive extra attention. This is not a trivial problem because it can be very dangerous! There may be many problems at home that can still be delayed.

However, leakage of the roof of the house is a problem that must receive major attention and must be resolved immediately. Roof leaks can develop into other disasters that are much bigger and more dangerous. Therefore, you must call the best roofer like Oshkosh roofing to fix it immediately.

The impact is not only for the physical building itself but also for endangering its occupants. If you do not believe, try to see a number of dangers of the following leaky roof which can be very detrimental if not addressed immediately.

1. Damage Roof and Wall Paint

The most obvious danger of a leaky roof is the emergence of damage to the roof and also paint the walls. The seepage of water entering from cracks in the roof directly affects this damage.

As a result, even small damage can get bigger if left unchecked and not repaired. Even though the roof leak is very small, never underestimate it!

2. The Danger of Roof Leaking Makes the Wall Easy to Damage

As is known, water has a very fatal damaging effect not only for wood but also for walls and even iron. Besides damaging the paint, of course, water seepage can also cause weathering on the walls of the house wall.

Over time, weathering will cause the walls to be porous to the inside. That is why it is very important not to let the roof leak for too long so that the impact does not increase.

3. Furniture and Interiors Exposed to Mold and Mildew

For a longer period of time, the danger of leaking roofs can cause far more fatal problems. The danger in question is the growth of mold and mildew on walls, furniture, to other interior parts of the house.

Once the fungus grows, its spread will be difficult to control. The impact can even spread to other objects from carpets to clothing.

4. The Danger of Roof Leaking Against Health Problems

Mold growth due to roof leaks not only cause damage to the house but also endanger the health of residents.

Various health problems caused will be very disturbing and even harmful, especially for those with sensitive conditions. Perceived disorders ranging from nasal congestion, rhinitis, inflammation, to asthma.

5. The Danger of Roof Leaking Can Cause Fires

The danger of roof leakage can also cause a fire if there is an electrical system on the roof. Fires arise because of the seepage of water from the leaky roof which can then short circuit the electrical wires.

If you are not sure about the safety of home electricity, you should do an inspection by a competent electrical technician.

6. Swollen bills and electricity wasted

The next side effect of the danger of a leaky roof that could not be avoided was that the electricity was wasted and the bill was inflated. Seepage of water that arises due to roof leaks can damage the insulation on the roof of the house and can be detrimental in terms of electricity consumption.

Because the humid insulation will consume more electricity because it takes longer to dry.

7. Can Make Fall Due to Slip

The danger of the last leaky roof which can also cause slipping due to slippery falls. Seepage of water entering from the leaky roof can create a very dangerous puddle on the floor.

Especially if at home there are small children who like to run, of course, they can harm them. If there is even the slightest leak on the roof of the house, it should be repaired immediately.