July 18, 2024

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DIY Wind Energy – A Beginner’s Guide to Home Windmills

DIY Wind Energy – A Beginner’s Guide to Home Windmills

Are you interested in wind energy as an alternative energy source for your home? Many people all over the world are discovering that DIY wind energy is a very doable and worthwhile project that may not be as difficult as some would think.

First let’s get a basic overview of a home wind generator and exactly what you will need to begin. We’ll examine the parts and materials needed to get a basic understanding of generating electricity from the wind.

1. A DC (direct current) motor

2. Sheet metal to build the tail and body sections

3. PVC or ABS pipe to build the turbine blades (fiberglass or wood can also be used)

4. A hub to attach the blades to

5. Deep cycle battery to store excess power

6. AC inverter to convert the power produce from DC to AC current for household use

7. Charge controller-this works like a voltage regulator on an automobile to control the amount of current

8. Dump load-this is an appliance in your home such as a water heater to dump excess current produced.

9. Tower-this can be one of any number of things such as a pole, or a piece of pipe

All of the materials needed can be purchased either online or at a hardware store. The blades will have to be cut

and will need to be balanced to eliminate excessive vibration. Three blades will produce a more constant power production

than a two blade design. A three blade design also will encounter less turbulence and stress during high winds.

DIY wind energy from a home turbine doesn’t have to cost a small fortune to implement, and building an efficient and working wind generator isn’t as complicated as some may think. Resourceful homeowners have discovered that with a little knowledge and the right resources, harnessing the free energy from the wind is well within reach.