April 18, 2024

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“Step-By-Step Guide to Manifest Your Desires”

I have been talking about manifestation for a long time.
My intention is to make people be aware of the unlimited
power they have been given since the moment they were
born and hopefully I can help to awaken their inner
potential to get them connected back to the source of

What I believe is that how much success, happiness and
fulfillment you experience in life is exactly proportional
to your level of awareness. Our whole purpose in life is to
be awakened to the highest level of awareness sometimes called
enlightenment. The only job for us in life is just to bring
up our level of awareness through the experience of
learning, working and living.

The fastest way to bring anything from the unseen world to
the physical world is through the study of Universal Laws.
We should study all the time, not just one time. We must
make sense from these laws, and make them a part of our
daily thinking, make them a part of us. Once this happens,
you are truly enlightened. There is no more struggle in
your life, your life becomes an easy and stress free process
of creation. You simply ask, and you are given, you simply
give and you receive more.

These laws of the universe which I talked about in my Free
e-course, “Rapid Manifestation”
(http://www.theultimatesecrets.com/exit.htm), and Dr.
Robert Anthony
talked about in his course again and again are easy to
understand. However, you may understand it , but not know
it. Knowing and understanding are two different things.
Understanding is from your conscious mind, but knowing is
from your superconscious mind, which is connected to the
highest intelligence of the universe. In order to truly
know these laws, you must remind yourself again and again.
You must study them, think about them, remind yourself all
the time, until they become your second nature. Then,
enlightenment will happen.

I have noticed that many people read my articles about
universal principles, but few people know how to use them,
so I have designed a step by step guide to help you use
these principles to manifest anything you desire.

Here it is…

Step One: Define your major goals clearly.

If you don’t know what you want, the universe can not help
you. State clearly what you desire, state it specifically.
Writing your goal in a form of intention seems always to help.


“I intend to earn $20,000 per month.”

“I intend to attract my soul mate into my life.”

Step Two: Design a good affirmation for each of your goals.

Your affirmation must believable, and must state the truth.
It always helps to use emotional triggering words.


“I choose to manifest $100,000 dollars Now. I accept this
or something better”

Using the words “I choose” will add extra believability to
your affirmation. Always add, “I accept this or something
better” to your affirmation. You will be amazed how much
more you will get.

By using the word Now, you trigger your power of creation,
because Now is the only time that exists, and the only time
your can execute your power of creation. Now is the only
time that manifestation occurs. By saying “NOW”, you are
stating the truth. Don’t fool yourself by saying, “but
I don’t see the $100,000?”. What you see you currently
possess is an illusion, you already have the $100,000 in
the energy level, you are stating the truth.

Step three: Program the affirmations into your subconscious


Once your subconscious mind accepts the affirmation as a
truth, creation happens automatically.

You’ve heard that your consistent thoughts become your
reality. Affirmation is one of the most powerful ways to
make something you desire become your consistent thought.

To make your subconscious mind quickly accept your
affirmation as a truth, you have to patiently convince it
by telling it the truths again and again.

Here is the truth you must remind yourself every time you
say your affirmation.

“At the deeper level, I am connected to the highest
intelligence in the universe that has created and will be
creating everything in the physical world. Therefore, I
have the power to create everything I desire at anytime. I
am the source of everything. Now I choose to see my desires
manifested in my world.”

Step 4: Monitoring your thoughts moment by moment, and keep

the state of being.

The mind always has a tendency to think negatively, this is
the nature of human beings, it is the result of human
evolution. This negative pattern has helped us during the
evolution process by keeping us alert to the dangers, but
it has also become our biggest enemy on our road to
enlightenment. Fortunately, God has given us an inner
guidance system that will make us be aware of any negative
thought. This guidance system is our emotion system. Any
time you have a negative thought, you will feel a
negative emotion. This is very, very accurate. As you have
already learned, your emotion is your communication to the
universe. Every time you have a negative emotion, you are

You must be very sensitive to your emotions, once you feel
a negative emotion, correct it in the moment, don’t let it
accumulate, kill the monster when it is young. Replace the
negative emotion by a positive one by thinking of your
goals, repeating your affirmations, and thinking about
anything you feel grateful for. Then you are back on track

Besides monitoring your negative thoughts, you should
consciously create positive feelings and emotions. The best
way to do this is to keep the state of being, which means
feel that your desires have already come true, you already have
possession of it. This is the fastest way to bring your
desires into reality.

Step five: Get connected to your higher self through daily


Your higher self is part of the ultimate creative
intelligence, it knows how to bring your desires into
reality, but you must give it a chance to speak to you. The
best time you can communicate with your higher self is at
the time of meditation. Whatever message you get from your
higher self, act upon it immediately. This is the most
powerful assistance you can get. People always make the
mistake of looking outside for the answers, the real answer
is always within themselves.

I personally use a japa meditation taught by Dr. Wayne Dyer,
this meditation really gives me the joy of creation. You
can choose any form of meditation you want, even just sit
silently for 20 minutes every day will greatly benefit.

Step 6: Surrender.

Each day before you go to bed, surrender to the universe by
putting full faith in it, let the universe work on your desires
even when you are sleeping.

Say this prayer before you retire.

“I let the universe take care of all the details and bring
me what I ask for. I am grateful for this powerful
assistance. I trust it 100%.”

Implementing this 6-step manifestation process, you will
never have to worry about not having your desires again.
You will truly experience the joy of manifestation.


Copyright 2005 Song Chengxiang