April 23, 2024

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Four Tips for Effective Mosquito Prevention

Mosquitos are a fact of life most people have to contend with. An important point to remember is that mosquitos aren’t a benign issue like an ant infestation. Every year over half a million people worldwide become infected with potentially fatal illnesses directly spread by mosquitos. Preventing the issue is as much a matter of safety as eliminating a nuisance. With correct professional advice, such as that offered by Mosquito Squad of Charlotte, prevention is something that is easily accomplished. Use these four tips to develop the right control plan for your situation.

Make Environmental Changes

I don’t mean going green. Instead, make changes to your actual environment. The most important step is the removal of any standing water. This means:

  • Removing or aerating bird baths
  • Leveling areas of your yard where water can pool
  • Flattening tarps around your yard which may collect water
  • Emptying hoses, dog bowls, and buckets that can accumulate water

You also want to routinely clean your flower beds and gutters. Piles of damp grass and leaves are where mosquitos love to live. Don’t leave anything out when eliminating standing water as it provides the perfect place for mosquitos to breed.

Consider Certain Plants

Certain plant species can repel mosquitos. This is not a conclusive way to deal with your mosquito problem. However, it is a proactive step in creating a defensive barrier around your yard.

Consider planting Basil or Citronella in areas of your yard which are usually shaded or that may collect standing water. As mentioned, there is a limited effectiveness of these plants so utilize other methods.

Utilize Mosquito Zappers

Strategic placement of mosquito zappers in areas of the yard often utilized by people, such as around the porch, can keep the creatures away from the party. These zappers are not a preventative approach but will take care of any populations that already exist in your yard.

Call the Professionals

Lastly, make use of professional services routinely during the spring and summer months. A professional will know the right chemicals to use and where to use them safely. This is important as you don’t want to spray something in the wrong place that could be harmful to your children or pets. Professionals will make use of foggers and other treatment options to create a safe and effective barrier around your yard.

Remember that prevention is the best option. By the time mosquitos have taken root in your yard you are facing an uphill battle to get them out. Do what you can to create a defensive barrier and utilize professional services such as Mosquito Squad of Charlotte.