September 25, 2023

Dragon Esdelsur

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Winter 2018 Flooring Trends

Winter is a time when individuals start to spend more time indoors and when we start to notice faults with our homes. If you didn’t already know, October is the busiest month for flooring companies as Google demonstrates that individuals search for flooring in October more than any other month. However, people need inspiration when purchasing flooring and that is why I thought it would be useful to suggest the most popular flooring trends entering winter 2018/2019.

One of the most popular options entering winter is engineered wood flooring. If you have no idea about what engineered flooring is then take note. Engineered flooring is constructed using a base layer of multi-ply or high-density fibres that are then topped with a solid wood wear layer. When the planks are installed, they are identical to solid wood flooring, however it is a lot more stable as it is able to cope with fluctuations in temperature and humidity. This allows engineered flooring to be installed alongside underfloor heating, making it an ideal option for winter months.

Engineered flooring is available in a variety of lengths, widths and finishes. One of the most popular colours of flooring heading into winter is grey. A grey floor is a great balance of reflecting the light that is still available as well and giving a soft and warm appearance during the long and cold nights. Grey engineered flooring will allow an abundance of character to seem through, however there are cheaper alternatives. Laminate and Vinyl flooring can also be manufactured in a grey tone; however, it is an artificial tone. Laminate and vinyl can also be installed with underfloor heating for that added warmth underfoot.

Parquet flooring is a very traditional style of floor that is making a comeback as many people have found that traditional flooring works great with modern styles. Parquet is available in herringbone or chevron styles depending on the pattern that you are wishing to create, however chevron does cost more than herringbone due to the extra manufacturing process needed to cut the edges. Parquet does look and feel amazing as a real wood product, however if your budget does not stretch that far then parquet laminate or vinyl tiles are also available at a cheaper price.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles are the new craze that is very popular around the world. When many people think of vinyl flooring as large plastic sheets that are only for your kitchen or bathroom. Luxury Vinyl Tiles, also known as LVT, are high quality thin artificial tiles that can be installed to create multiple patterns. The installation process is easy as you use adhesive to glue the tiles to the subfloor. So, if you are looking for a quick fix that is not going to break the bank then LVT are the products for you.